5 (sons Mike Norris and Eric Norris, daughter Dina Norris, twins Dakota Alan Norris and also Danilee Kelly Norris)


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Date that birth: august 9, 1963

They say the a talented person must it is in lonely to attain the potential, however Gena O’Kelley-Norris proves, the it’s not right. She rose to fame as a wife of a talented actor, businessman and also martial artist lining Norris, and now her challenge is known to everyone on the planet.

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She was born in the household of Alan and Annette O’Kelley and also was raised in California together 3 siblings. She started her career as a model and being 34-year-old beauty, beauty she crossed her means with lining Norris, that was 23 years she older. They tied a knot a year later and also soon welcomed 2 kids – pair Dakota and Danilee. She is a stepmother come Chuck’s three children from vault relationships.


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Gena is not just a wife of a celebrity, she is likewise a company lady and also an sometimes TV personality, who has showed up in several shows, such as “The O’Reilly Factor”, “Praise the Lord” and some others.

Unfortunately, Gena O’Kelley had some major health issues in the past. In 2012 Mr. Norris left the movie sector to care around his wife, who was really close to death. The mrs did an MRI scan, which caused severe pain and kidney problems. The woman and her husband think, that she was “poisoned” by gadolinium injections, i beg your pardon she got while make the scan.

Diane Holechek (ex-wife)

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Date that birth: November 27, 1941

Chuck Norris is a renowned actor and also a warm man, whose personal life had never been too scandalous. Simply a few women deserve to boast that they recorded his heart, and also one of them is his ex-wife Diane Holechek. They attended the very same school and also fell in love in ~ a really tender age. Chuck proposed his institution sweetheart in a letter and soon lock tied a node in 1958 in Torrance, CA. The pair had a fast classic ceremony and then the four-day honeymoon. After that, the brand-new husband was sent out to the business at the U.S. Air Force.

Norris returned home in 1963, and soon the couple welcomed their very first child – the kid Mike. 2 years later they welcomed another one – Eric. Despite the fact, the Chuck make the efforts to it is in the ideal father for his sons and the finest husband because that Diane, still he made one wrong – cheated his wife through a woman, called Johanna, and also welcomed a daughter Dina v her.

After 30 year of marriage, Diane and Chuck filed for divorce. The reason wasn’t publicized, however in 1989 the gifted actor ended up being lonely again.


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Date of birth: October 4, 1962

Michael beam Norris is not the extraterrestrial in the movie industry, too. He adhered to his father’s rout and also became an actor and film manager with much more than 30 credits in his film list. The man has already starred in “Babylon 5”, “Carnival the Wolves” and also “AmeriGeddon”, i m sorry he likewise directed.

He is married come Valerie Gallo and has three children with her. They are not simply life partners, but also business partners, who run a movie studio, named “2nd violin Entertainment”.

Eric Norris (son v Diane Holechek)


Date the birth: might 20, 1965

Eric Scott Norris is the second son the the legendary actor and his very first wife, Diane. The man rose come fame as an actor, stuntman and race car driver.

Born in Redondo Beach, CA, he practiced karate because the faster years and also appeared ~ above the large screen because that the very first time in 1986. His most popular screen projects include “Universal Soldier”, “Walker, Texas Ranger” and “Still the King”.

Among his other success is participation in Nascar Grand national Championship and fathering 4 youngsters with his beloved wife Stephanie.

Dina Norris (daughter through Johanna)


Date that birth: 1964

The Texas Ranger boasts with the call of a household man. Back he was married twice, he had actually never been recorded by paparazzi in the company of beautiful women, like countless other male stars. That’s why the actor’s pan were really shocked once they heard about Chuck’s daughter, whom he had actually with a beauty, called Johanna, when he was married to his very first wife.

In fact, then Norris offered in the U. S. Air Forces, and his army unit was housed in California. Throughout that stay, the met Johanna, and they immediately fell in love. Chuck and also his occasional girlfriend had actually just a couple of dates, and also then castle parted their ways. The girl soon married an additional man and gave birth to a infant daughter Dina.

During countless years the actor knew nothing about her. His daughter taken into consideration her mother’s husband together her biological father. But then she learned the truth, and also much time passed until she dared come ask her organic father for a meeting. Thus, chuck met his 26-year-old daughter and also “wasn’t disappointed”, as he said.

Now Dina’s surname is DiCiolli, she stays in Dallas, TX and has a son, called Dante.

Twins Dakota Alan Norris and also Danilee Kelly Norris (with Gena O’Kelley)

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Date that birth: respectable 30, 2001

Chuck’s boy Dakota and daughter Danilee entered this civilization when the gibbs has currently turned 61, and their birth to be a wonder for Mr. Norris and his mam Gena.

The twins were born 2 months earlier than they to be expected, and also during the an initial months of your life, they stayed in a hospital. Yet now they have already turned right into two beautiful young civilization with some acting experience. Both twins appeared in an illustration of the show “Yes, Dear”, and Danilee additionally portrayed once her father’s display daughter in “Walker, Texas Ranger”.

Who room Chuck Norris parents?

Ray Norris (father)

Date that birth: 1918

Date that death: July 17, 1971

Chuck do the efforts to be a an excellent father to every his kids, while his dad wasn’t so perfect together a parent. Ray Dee Norris had actually Irish roots; he was a handsome and solid man, who served in the military during the cruel years of war. The returned home after an injury and married the beauty, called Wilma.

The couple gave birth to three good sons, yet happiness didn’t knock on their door. Ray was a hefty drinker; he spent the totality miserable salary, which that earned as a mechanic and also a bus driver, for alcohol. Quickly the future actor’s parental divorced and also Chuck was raised mainly by his mother.

Ray died at the age of 53 and also was buried at Marietta city cemetery in Oklahoma.

Wilma Scarberry-Norris (mother)

Date of birth: might 24, 1921

Chuck’s mother originates from the Cherokee Nation. She struggled a lot of on her means to a calm and also comfortable life, yet she enjoys the now. The woman didn’t acquire a college education, but as she says, she was taught at the institution of life. The woman wasn’t happy v her very first husband beam Norris, and also she decided to divorce from him. She wasn’t fear of becoming a solitary parent and of complete poverty – at first, Wilma and also her sons resided in a trailer. But then she remarried a sort man, named George Knight. That cared around Wilma and also her kids, and also actually, it to be he, who carried up a star lining Norris. He teach the young to love sports and also to earn money. Because his teens, Chuck functioned at assorted odd jobs, and at the age of 16 had already bought his very first car.

Wilma Scarberry-Knight told she story in a book “Acts the Kindness”, which he co-authored with Todd DuBord.

Chuck Norris siblings

Wieland Norris (younger brother)


Date of Birth: July 12, 1943

Date of Death: June 3, 1970

Wieland was among Chuck’s younger brothers, that was eliminated in Vietnam during the years of war. The brave young male was awarded with a medal. His brothers still remember him and committed him the third part of movie “Missing In Action”.

Aaron Norris (younger brother)


Date the birth: November 23, 1951

Aaron is Chuck’s younger brother, who is additionally famous in the movie industry. That is a former stuntman, actor, producer, and film director, recognized by such display works, together “The Cutter”, “A pressure of One” and others.

Like his brothers, he served in the U. S. Army in his young years and then began the career in the movie sector as a stuntman. In 1988 he command his an initial film, called “Braddock: absent in activity III”.


The renowned actor, movie director, martial artist, and businessman, he acquired international popularity as a star of action movies. Chuck is known to his fans by such films as “Invasion U.S.A.”, “The Hitman”, “The Cutter” and also by the TV show “Walker, Texas Ranger”.

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In enhancement to his accolades together an actor, the is also famous together a devoted family man. Let’s read around people, whom chuck Norris considers (or considered) together a family.