Mom goals! Christina Aguilera loves safety time with her 2 kids, kid Max Liron Bratman and daughter Summer Rain Rutler, and also their cutest image prove exactly how close castle are. 

The “Ain’t No other Man” singer welcomed her son in 2008 with ex-husband Jordan Bratman. The pair split three years later and also finalized your divorce in 2011. 


She uncovered love again v boyfriend Matthew Rutler, and also she offered birth to Summer in 2014. The manufacturing assistant, who Christina met ~ above the collection of Burlesque in 2010, popped the question shortly before they invited their very first child together. They have been engaged for more than 7 years however aren’t in any rush come walk under the aisle.

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“Our love is secure enough that us don’t need a wedding come prove our love or commitment. We space enjoying ours daughter, ours family and also our work for now,” the “Candyman” singer told E! News in 2015. 

The “Dirrty” singer, who referred to as herself a “huge child at heart,” gushed over elevating her tiny ones during an interview with Haute Living in 2019.

“They provide me the chance to play and also be able to instill and also encourage your imaginations,” the former Voice coach claimed at the time. “You’re component of this amazing little people’s lives, and it teaches you patience and also teaches you things around yourself that you don’t like, that you want to work on. That a continuous journey the learning. Lock teach me therefore much, and they an obstacle me all the moment to it is in better.”

Max and also Summer influence whatever the “Genie in a Bottle” singer has “decided to do” over the past decade, including slow down a little with she career.

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“I made the decision for quite some time not to tourism for a while since I assumed it was the best thing to make a an ext stable, program life for my children,” the Pitch Perfect 2 actress said. “Even when I take it the spot on , it wasn’t yes, really something I want to pursue. I just decided, ‘It keeps me in L.A. And in a place where i can focus on mine kids.’”

That gift said, the Staten Island indigenous is pretty specific she will not have more kids in the future. “What the world thinks will certainly be, will certainly be. That knows those in the future? yet as of now, ,” Christina acknowledged about expanding her brood.