Watch out, mom of three coming through! on Saturday, September 28, Chelsea Clinton stepped out with the latest addition to her household — son Jasper, 2 month — and her older kids — Charlotte, 5, and also Aidan, 3 — in new York City.

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The trio were viewed walking around the large Apple through their nanny, who driven Jasper approximately in the infant stroller. Sadly, Chelsea’s husband, Marc Mezvinsky, to be not about for the household outing but, nonetheless, Chelsea still looked choose she had a great time through her youngsters on a beautiful clear afternoon.

In January, Chelsea announced that she and also her husband were expecting infant No. 3 in a heartwarming write-up that she shared to Twitter. “Marc and also I have actually loved watching Charlotte be together a wonderful large sister and we’re excited to clock Aidan come to be a big brother!” she excitingly wrote. “We cannot wait to satisfy our newest addition later this summer.”

In July, Chelsea’s wish come true! She finally got to fulfill her son, and he was much more adorable than she dreamed.

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“This morning we invited our son, Jasper Clinton Mezvinsky,” Bill Clinton and also Hillary Clinton‘s daughter claimed via Twitter on July 22. “We space overflowing through love and also gratitude and also can’t wait to present him to his big sister and brother.”

Hillary retweeted she daughter’s post and said, “Sharing part happy news this morning! Bill and I are so thrilled.”

Now the Jasper is here, Chelsea’s daughter Charlotte more than likely understands a lot much more what it way to be an enlarge sister. In a ahead interview with Access Hollywood, Chelsea revealed she daughter didn’t know that she was going to have actually a little brother or sister as soon as the infant arrived.


“I think she has no idea. We speak to her a lot about the fact that she’s going to become a big sister, and thankfully there room these wonderful publications that are plainly written to explain what it means to end up being a large sister,” the politician explained. “, she yes, really doesn’t understand, since every time we acquire to the part where the brand-new baby comes, goes, ‘Baby!’ and also points to herself.”

Hopefully, we’ll get to see Charlotte, Aidan and also Jasper a lot much more often!

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