Another one! Morgan Beck announced ~ above Wednesday, may 19, that she is pregnant v her 6th child with Bode Miller, his eighth.

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“We are so excited come share part very huge news,” the former experienced volleyball player, 34, wrote via Instagram. “We space Pregnant! Family means everything come us, and we space so excited that ours proceeds to grow! baby Miller Ocho coming November 2021.”


Bode Miller and Morgan Beck. Kcr/Shutterstock

The Olympic ski racer, 43, called his wife “beyond incredible” in a post of his own, gushing, “Cat’s outta the bag: we’re at the finish line. Excited come announce that Miller baby ocho is early in November!”

The new Hampshire native very first became a father in 2008 as soon as he and his then-girlfriend, Chanel Johnson, invited Neesyn, now 13. He likewise shares Samuel, 8, with Sara McKenna.

Miller and also Beck tied the knot in 2012 and also share Nash, 6, Easton, 2, and twins Asher and Aksel, 18 months. Their 19-month-old daughter, Emmy, passed away in June 2018 after ~ a drowning accident.

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The athletes feel “closer” come the so late toddler when continuing to increase their family after her death. “Losing a boy while pregnant was the most confusing endure of my life,” the California indigenous captioned an respectable 2019 Instagram post. “The conflict of emotions from what to be pure delight turned to guilt and also terror overnight. How can I love this baby the method I love Emmy? to be it OK come love this infant the way I love Emmy? that felt prefer by love my son, i was do the efforts to replace her.”

The model “couldn’t have been more wrong,” she continued. “Easton detailed us an even closer bond come his sister. The minute I heard his cry, other sparked ago alive in my soul. Hope. Love. I’m no sure. But in the moment, ns knew ns was Mom, and my children deserved the world from me. Everything was walking to it is in OK. My joy and also grief could coexist.”

When Beck provided birth to “miracle” twin boys in November 2019, she said Savannah Guthrie that she believed Emmy “had her hands” in their arrival.

“Bode indigenous the start of our connection has constantly said, ‘I want the same twin boys born on my birthday,’ and this time once I found out i was pregnant, i said, ‘Do friend think it’s pair this time?’ and he said, ‘No,’” the college of California Berkley grad explained during the Today appearance. “So I checked out the ultrasound appointment by myself, yet sure enough, the same twin boys.”

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