Beth Chapman is known for certification in Dog the Bounty Hunter because that eight seasons alongside she husband, Duane “Dog” Chapman. Beth was additionally the youngest license is granted bondsman in Colorado. In 2017, she was diagnosed with stage two neck cancer and underwent two successful surgeries. However, Dog Chapman released a statement that his wife’s cancer has actually returned and is asking the public to pray for her recovery. Just how old space the bounty hunting couple, and also how many children do castle have?


Duane Chapman aka Dog (l) and also his wife Beth | hobtration Boesl/picture alliance via Getty Images

Beth and also Dog Chapman’s age

Beth Chapman was born Alice Elizabeth blacksmith in Denver, Colorado, top top October 29, 1967. Therefore, Beth is right now 51 year old. After ~ graduating high school, she organized several various jobs, including an ice skater, a clerk, a nightclub singer, a gymnast, and also a waitress. She initially met Dog in 1986, once she to be 19-years-old. However, they dated on-and-off over the following decade.

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They both married various other people and also had children, however finally combined their families and moved in together in 1995, eventually marrying in 2006. Beth ran the bail binding business, went bounty hunting with Dog, and also counseled the detainees. She to be the youngest license is granted bail bondsman in Colorado, at the period of 22, till her step-daughter, Lyssa Chapman, damaged the document at age 19.

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Born Duane Lee Chapman top top February 2, 1953, in Denver, Colorado, he is at this time 66 years old. After years of bounty hunting, Take This Job, a television show around people through unusual tasks featured Dog. That then resulted in the show’s production firm doing a spin-off about Dog’s work capturing bail fugitives. Dog ended up being well-known, and also A&E determined to develop a truth television show that complied with his bounty hunting.

The first episode that Dog the Bounty Hunter debuted on august 30, 2004, and also it lasted for eight seasons until June 23, 2012. Then, CMT choose the household up because that Dog and also Beth: on the Hunt which complied with them visiting failing bail link agencies about the country and also giving lock advice around how to end up being successful. The series lasted for three seasons.

Beth and also Dog Chapman’s kids

In 1985, Beth had actually a child, Dominic Davis, in ~ 17-years-old, however the state took him into custody. She then married Keith Barmore in respectable 1991, and they had actually a daughter together called Cecily Barmore Chapman in 1993. Beth and also Dog welcomed Bonnie Jo (Joanne) in 1999, and also a year later they had a son, Garry.

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Dog had actually a child, Christopher Michael, as a teenager through a woman named Debbie White. He did not know Christopher existed till they were reunited once Christopher was a get an impressive adult. Then, Dog married La Fonda Sue Honeycutt in 1972, and they divorced five years later. Castle share two children, Duane Lee II, and also Leland. His sons to be not permitted to watch their father till they to be 8 and 11 year old. Dog then acquired custody of them as soon as they began getting into trouble together teenagers.

In 1979, Dog married ann Tegnell, and they had actually three children; Zebediah Duane, Wesley, and also J.R or. “James.” Zebediah passed away at birth and Anne raised the other two sons in Utah. Dog then married Lyssa Brittain, and also they likewise welcomed three children; Barbara Katie “B.K.,” Tucker Dee, and also Lyssa Rae “Baby Lyssa.” B.K. Passed far at 24-years-old in a 2006 auto accident; just one day before Dog and also Beth got married.

Beth Chapman’s battle with cancer

Beth to be diagnosed with phase two throat cancer in September 2017. She then underwent a 13-hour surgery where doctors removed a “plum-sized tumor from she neck.” The procedure was successful. However, the left a seven-inch scar that affected Beth.

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In November 2018, her cancer returned, and she underwent one more emergency throat surgical treatment for a blockage in her throat that do it daunting to breathe. That surgical procedure was likewise successful.

On June 22, 2019, Dog Chapman confirmed on facebook that Beth is in a median induced coma. He also released a statement indigenous himself and also the Chapman family members asking “everyone to you re welcome pray because that Beth.”