DR BEN Carson tested optimistic for Covid-19 following an election party he attended in ~ the White House.

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But is Dr Carson married and does his wife have coronavirus? right here is whatever you have to know...


Ben and also Candy Carson have been married because that 45 yearsCredit: AP:Associated Press

Who is Ben Carson's mam Candy?

Dr Ben Carson is married come American author and also businesswoman Lacena "Candy" Rustin.

Candy to be born in royal Oak Township, Michigan, in 1953.

After graduating from Ferndale High School, she attended Yale University and went on to earn her MBA at john Hopkins Carey business School.

It was while she to be at Yale the Candy met Ben Carson.

The pair have co-authored four publications together consisting of One Nation: What We have the right to All carry out to conserve America's Future.

Her memoir, A physician in the House: mine Life v Ben Carson, was exit at the start of 2016.

Both Candy and her husband, that is United says Secretary the Housing and Urban Development, room members the the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Does candy Carson have actually coronavirus?

It hasn't been confirmed if Candy has actually been diagnosed v coronavirus but on November 9, her husband tested hopeful for the virus.

The real estate Department Secretary is the latest official who experiment positive following a White home election night party.

Coalter Baker, Carson's chef of staff, told alphabet News in a statement: "Secretary Carson has actually tested hopeful for the coronavirus.

"He is in an excellent spirits and also feels fortunate to have access to efficient therapeutics which assist and markedly speed his recovery."


Candy Carson v her husband Ben at a Donald Trump make America great Again rally ahead of the united state election in 2020Credit: AFP or licensors

When go they obtain married?

Candy bound the knot v Ben in 1975.




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How many kids do Ben and also Candy have?

The couple have 3 sons: Murray, Benjamin Jr and Rhoeyce.

All 3 are credited with appearing in 2003 movie grounding On You together hospital waiting room patron.

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They showed up alongside your dad who had a duty in the film together head surgeon and mum, who played one emergency room nurse.

Trump cabinet member Dr Ben Carson tests positive for Covid after ~ attending White house election party


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