Jennifer Lopez and also Ben Affleck have reunited, and many of your fans could not be an ext thrilled. ~ nearly two decades since the begin of their first relationship-turned-engagement, the two were spotted out together quite a few times in May and June, through no attempts to hide your rekindled romance. In fact, points seem to be relocating rather quickly for the couple, together rumor has actually it the Lopez may think about moving to Los Angeles come be near Affleck.

Lopez and also Affleck both share youngsters with their exes, so that seems likely that the kids will aspect into any kind of moving decisions. If the couple’s relationship moves further, what will Lopez and also Affleck’s blended household look like? Here’s how close their children are in age.

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Jennifer Lopez and also Ben Affleck come at the ‘Daredevil’ premiere. | chris Weeks/FilmMagic

Source claims Jennifer Lopez’s kids haven’t met Ben Affleck and also his family

When it pertains to Lopez’s children, the singer is supposedly taking her brand-new relationship a bit slower. In late might 2021, a source told us Weekly that Lopez has actually been doubtful to introduce her twins to Affleck so soon. “Jen is reluctant to feather a new special who in she life top top them appropriate away,” the resource said. “So that will be phased in slowly, for sure, yet eventually, you can count on her wanting her children to fulfill Ben.”

As Lopez’s fans know, she ended a four-year connection with baseball star Alex Rodriguez in April. Throughout their time together, Lopez’s youngsters grew close v Rodriguez and his daughters, Natasha and also Ella. According to united state Weekly’s source, Lopez’s connection with Affleck might be difficult on her youngsters for that reason.

really doted ~ above them and was a model stepdad,” the resource revealed. “They’ve had to readjust to this brand-new dynamic of him not being about anymore.”

Are Lopez’s and also Affleck’s kids close in age?

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Lopez’s and also Affleck’s youngsters are near in age, i beg your pardon may assist them bond when they execute meet. Lopez’s twin son and also daughter, Maximilian David Muñiz and also Emme Maribel Muñiz, with ex-husband Marc Anthony, were born top top Feb. 22, 2008. Lopez and Anthony divorced in 2014 after 10 year of marriage, yet the 2 still co-parent Max and Emme and also stay in touch as friends. The dancer also sought comfort from Anthony following her break-up from Rodriguez.

Meanwhile, Affleck share three kids with his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner. Their earliest daughter, Violet Affleck, arrived on Dec. 1, 2005. Their second daughter, Seraphina Affleck, was born top top Jan. 6, 2009. Finally, Affleck and also Garner’s son, Samuel, to be born top top Feb. 27, 2012.

Lopez and also her children may move to LA

According come TMZ, Lopez was spotted experimenting schools in LA in beforehand June 2021, which appeared to it is in a sign that she desires to relocate to LA v the twins to be closer come Affleck. However, a resource told The sun that the “On the Floor” singer does no yet arrangement to move in through Affleck; she is only looking to buy a home near him. The Sun’s resource explained that she wants to offer her kids a possibility to change to the relationship prior to she and Affleck relocate in together, however a relocate to LA still makes the most sense come her due to the fact that “Neither Jen nor Ben execute well with distance.”

Right now is a good time to inspect out schools and buy a residence so the they can start through the other kids in their class in September,” the source said. “That’s the plan, come be relocated in and resolved before the school year begins.”