From the the satin and also sheer slip costume of the Nineties and also the leg-popping Atelier Versace minute of 2012 Oscars come the Saint Laurent deconstructed tuxedo in ~ the 2014 BAFTA Awards, and her many recent appearances put on spookily embellished gowns for the Maleficent 2 publicity tour, Jolie commands a red carpet camera prefer no other.

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Since becoming a mother, it"s currently not inexplicable for the actress to lug along her brood of six children to premieres, award ceremonies and also charity galas.

On April 20, 2021, Jolie spoke around how she navigates her career while elevating her children, who she co-parents with her ex husband Brad Pitt complying with their 2016 separation. Jolie claimed she is now much more selective about the tasks she chooses and has opted an ext for acting work-related rather 보다 directing since this permits her come spend an ext time v her family.

"I love directing, but I had actually a adjust in mine family situation that"s no made it feasible for me to straight for a couple of years," the actor told Entertainment Weekly. "I required to just do shorter jobs and be residence more, for this reason I sort of went ago to law a couple of acting jobs. That"s yes, really the truth of it."


A month later, she defined her brood together "cool people". "We"re such a team so i am very, really lucky," Jolie called E!"s Daily Pop. "I"m always the one who worries yet I don"t worry around them. They"re cool people."

On may 12 the actor opened up come Lorraine Kelly on her ITV show about how she"s spent more time at residence in recent years, noting: "The last couple of years i haven"t to be able to direct. I"ve been home much more. I"ve done a few films but I"ve been mostly been home.

"They"re an extremely important year to be home. It"s a specific time for our family members when I"ve necessary to it is in home yet these are the years when they"re really cultivation into adults. I"m happy to be over there and shot to do sure... I carry out the finest that ns can."

Here space all the time Angelina Jolie"s youngsters have scrubbed up and won the red carpet similar to their mother always has, v a brief arrival to the huge family.

Angelina Jolie"s children

Angelina Jolie has six children: Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and also twins Knox and Vivienne.

On October 18 the proud mum stepped out on the red carpet in ~ the Hollywood premiere of she upcoming Marvel Studios" film Eternals with five of her children children: Maddox, Vivienne, Zahara, Shiloh and Knox. Pax was i do not have anything to it is in seen.

For the occasion the family members wore a variety of neutral outfits in shades the black, beige and also brown. However, us couldn"t aid but notification the actor"s daughter Zahara to be photographed wearing she mother"s 2014 Academy Awards dress - an Elie Saab Couture champagne-hued gown.

"My kids are all blended with vintage, and in my old Oscars dress," Jolie said Entertainment Tonight. "We did all vintage and also upcycled mine old stuff."



We can"t believe how much they"ve grown!

In she exclusive essay because that"s September issue this year, Jolie created of she pride for she children.

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"I might not be prouder of my sons because that the men they room becoming, the way they respect their sisters and are respected by them...," she penned.

"I regularly tell my daughters the the most necessary thing they can do is to build their minds. Girlfriend can always put top top a pretty dress, however it doesn’t issue what friend wear on the external if her mind isn’t strong. There is nothing more attractive – you could even say enchanting – than a woman with an live independence will and her own opinions."