Anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson is the speak of the web after making a decided at the Republican nationwide Convention yesterday.

However, that isn’t in reality her graphic abortion speech that’s got people talking, the a YouTube video that’s surfaced indigenous June the sees her utilizing her youngsters to argue her allude in a politics discussion.

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She make a yes, really controversial declare that’s got a the majority of backlash online – and now everyone wants to know more about her family members life and children.


Photo Courtesy the the Committee ~ above Arrangements for the 2020 Republican nationwide Committee via Getty Images

Who is Abby Johnson?

Abby Johnson is an American activist most recognized for speaking about her views on abortion.

The 40-year-old native Texas is anti-abortion, and also fights for abortion to it is in illegal. She previously functioned at plan Parenthood, yet resigned in 2009 after watching one abortion ~ above ultrasound.

Her memoir ‘Unplanned’ was released in January 2011, and discusses her work-related at planned Parenthood and her conversion to abortion opposition. The book was additionally made right into a movie of the exact same name in 2019.

Photo Courtesy the the Committee on Arrangements because that the 2020 Republican national Committee via Getty Images

Abby Johnson do a speech at the RNC

The pro-life activist do a speech at the Republic nationwide Convention yesterday (August 25th) in i m sorry she discusses she views.

She speaks about her life in ~ Planned Parenthood, insurance claims that the company are trying come “eradicate minorities” and argues that she was told to fulfill an “abortion quota” – all points that she no agree with.

Abby then discusses the time when she was asked to clock an abortion on an ultrasound, and she has actually been scrutinised because that explaining the occasion in together graphic detail.

She speaks around the non-profit organisation she founded called ‘And climate There were None’ prior to discussing her reasons for supporting Donald Trump.


Abby gets backlash ~ making a controversial statement about her kids

Abby Johnson has actually been under fire on social media ~ a video surfaced of her making a remark around one of her children based upon his race. The video clip was posted onto YouTube earlier in June, weeks after the black color Lives matter protests began following the fatality of George Floyd.

She begins by comparing she black boy to she white sons, prior to making a statement the has had a the majority of backlash online. She said:

“Statistically, as soon as a police officer look at a brown man like my Jude walking down the road – as protest to my white nerdy kids walking under the road – because that the statistics that he knows in his head, they’re walking to recognize that statistically, my brown boy is much more likely come commit a violent violation over mine white sons.”

What Abby Johnson was basically saying, was that statistically, she black kid is more likely to commit a crime than her white young – miscellaneous that has caused a lot of social media backlash.

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Abby Johnson discover the toxicity of White Supremacy. She"s willing to demonize and stereotype her very own brown son rather than question, an obstacle and dismantle a mechanism that makes her even think that method about world of color, her very own son.

— Wajahat "Wears a Mask because of a Pandemic" Ali (

How many youngsters does Abby Johnson have?

According to her website, Abby Johnson has “seven precious children” and also lives with her husband in Texas. She also has a 5-year-old adopted son that is black color – make the full number eight.

Back in July, she post a photograph of herself, she husband and also her seven youngsters onto Instagram, v the caption: “In mine 40 year of life, i’ve learned the the 8 human being who contact me Mom and the man that loves me room really the things that matter the most.”