The Duggar family members is one of the largest families in the united States. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have actually 19 organic children, and the world has watched them thrive up through reflects such as 19 Kids and also Counting and Counting On. However, the two are actually parental to a 20th child called Tyler Duggar. Who is he?

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Michelle and also Jim Bob Duggar’s oldest children. | Ida Mae Astute/Getty Images

Michelle and Jim Bob have always vowed to have as many kids as God provides them

The Duggars were elevated on very religious values. Among their ideas is that God is in fee of exactly how many kids they have. The family doesn’t use birth control, nor execute they think in abortion. To them, it is totally up come God how big their household will be. However, this wasn’t constantly the case. Michelle was utilizing birth manage when she gained pregnant an ext than 30 year ago; they lost the baby, and also that’s once they readjusted their ways. For this reason if a kid needed help and it landed upon Michelle and also Jim Bob to take it in that child, castle would.

The two embraced Michelle’s niece’s son, Tyler Duggar

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(Third photo): Michelle and Jim Bob’s adopted son, Tyler

Michelle’s sister, Carolyn, has actually a troubled daughter. Carolyn’s daughter, Rachel Hutchins, was just a teenager as soon as she obtained pregnant with her son, Tyler. And unfortunately, she was going with a lot and couldn’t take treatment of him. Hutchins reportedly was homeless and unemployed number of years back, and also she relinquished custody that Tyler to her mother, Carolyn. However, Carolyn suffered a stroke, rendering she incapable that caring because that Tyler. That’s when Michelle and also Jim Bob stepped in. They became Tyler’s legitimate guardians, and also in 2016, the 2 finalized the adoption of their newest son.

Tyler no biologically theirs, however the Duggars treat him together though he is

While Tyler’s name doesn’t start with a “J” the way all that his cousins’ surname do, that is still simply as much a part of the household as the various other Duggars. On an illustration of Counting On last season, Duggar assisted his cousins roasted a cake because that John and Abbie Duggar’s wedding, and besides his very first name, nobody would certainly ever be able to tell he wasn’t an initial Duggar. It’s been nearly three years because he was officially adopted, and he appears to have actually taken fine to his brand-new home.

Tyler still has a partnership with his mother

Although Tyler is no longer in his mummy care, he doesstill have actually a relationship with her. Michelle and Jim Bob allow Rachel Hutchinsto spend time through her son throughout supervised visits. However at the end of the day,Tyler goes house with the Duggars. He’s occurred a really close relationship withhis household members, and also when the Duggars’ grandm passed away recently, Jessawrote a loving talk about her post about her grandmother’s relationship with Tyler.“My parents have actually taken in their good nephew, Tyler. Grandma constantly counted himas her very own grandson,” Jessa wrote. Several of the Duggar daughters have disputed adoptingdown the road. Watching your parents take it in Tyler and also give him a betterlife may have inspired lock in part to desire to execute the very same for various other childrensomeday.