Fans recognize the Osbourne family fairly well through fact TV, music and celebrity news, despite some may not also realize there is one member who prevents the windy eye. Ozzy and also Sharon Osbourne"s eldest daughter, Aimee Osbourne, go not participate in the family"s reality present The Osbournes when it was on. This days, she is reportedly on poor terms with several of her siblings.

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John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne came to be a family name together the lead singer of black color Sabbath, and also his household followed him right into fame as soon as they became MTV stars starting in 2002. However, Aimee eschewed the spotlight through all of those years and continues to perform so today. Even as her family members has increased into more mediums and also formats like radio and also talk shows, Aimee continues to be reclusive. That might have made it every the an ext surprising this week once fans learned that Kelly Osbourne is no on speak terms through her.

At 16 year old, Aimee to be the eldest when she determined not to take part in The Osbournes. She even moved the end of the family members home to stop the cameras, beginning a regarded severance from she family"s lifestyle. Countless applauded her for this decision, though plenty of rather knew nothing around it.

These days, things show up to be great between Aimee and also her parents, at least. Pictures arised in January of 2020 reflecting Sharon and also Aimee the end on a shopping trip in Los Angeles, prove they room on great terms. Fans were heartened through the vision of them earlier together, specifically in irradiate of Ozzy Osbourne"s Parkinson"s an illness diagnosis.

Now, countless fans are looking for details and updates around the Osbourne family"s many private daughter. Here is what pan know around Aimee Osbourne.

Denying Fame

(Photo: CBS/The Talk)

While Aimee"s exit was crucial to get the TV show made, it did leave her parental conflicted, together Sharon admitted recently. During her time as a co-host on The Talk, Sharon talked around the teen of shedding Aimee throughout the show.

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"I recognize that my eldest girl, Aimee, left home at 16 and she couldn"t live in our house due to the fact that we were filming and it drove she insane. She felt, too, that she didn"t desire to flourish up top top camera. She hated the idea, it was appalling to her. And so she left in ~ 16, and I remorse every day that she did," Sharon explained.