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People have the right to make all kinds of stunner claims about who their ancestors were, specifically if they to be celebrities. Invoice Clinton supposedly has a biracial son that is adamant that the previous president is his true father, however the Clintons have actually denied it together with DNA proof. And also did you recognize that Lucille Ball indigenous I Love Lucy additionally has a granddaughter who cases that the above actress is her grandmother? and also that it has not yet proven true or false with a DNA sample yet?

Meet Cassandria Lucianna Carlson, a woman in her early on 50s that firmly believes that she is the nephew of Lucille Ball and also her husband/ co-star Desi Arnaz. The secret behind the Illinois woman occurred from the proof that featured an emailed paper that to be a copy the a statement indigenous a notary public, man Papp, for Los Angeles, California, filed on April 5, 1951, right around the time that the very first episodes that the I Love Lucy sitcom got in production. It was sent to Carlson while she to be visiting Stamford, Connecticut.

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Lucille Ball’s Great-Great Granddaughter: Desiree Anzalone

Papp, top top June 24, 1947, had declared that Lucille Ball-Arnaz had showed up before him and that the knew her to it is in the “one and the same person as the mother of the son born (date missing) 1947,” whereby the month and day seem come be extended by a item of tape. The then states that Ball, in prior of him and also a woman called Ruth Griffith Smith, declared that Smith was “to take and also care of she daughter, Madeline mrs Dee Ball-Arnaz, because that an undisclosed time.” However, above the typed names of Lucille Ball-Arnaz, Ruth Griffith Smith, and also John Papp space where your signatures are an alleged to be however are likewise seemingly covered by pieces of tape.

However, despite what the record says, history had taped that Lucille Ball and also Desi Arnaz had two children: daughter Lucie Arnaz and also son Desi Arnaz Jr. So who is Madeline “Linda” mrs Dee, Carlson’s mother?

According to Carlson, she had actually quite the strange upbringing, as stories of she childhood revolved approximately the mystery. Her father had once called her that Lucille ball was in the room as soon as she to be born and that her grandmother (Ruth Smith) to be “a nurse that didn’t work and also lived in a posh house. Ruth to be nice and had kids of she own, however they were raised by their grandmother if Ruth concentrated on mother.”

Lucille Ball and also Her child Desi Arnaz Jr.

Carlson additionally remembers access time from a red-headed mrs whom she referred to as Mrs. Morton. Earlier in 1960, Lucille Ball had divorced Desi Arnaz and married comedian Gary Morton a year later. She said, “I mental one day once I was about 7, Mrs. Morton picked me up in ~ ballet class.”

However, Carlson’s concerns are tho on-going, especially because her mother, at 56-years-old, to be struck and killed by a bus while riding she bike under a California street. As soon as Carlson called Smith indigenous the funeral home to ask where her mother’s birth documents were, blacksmith told her the the Hollywood couple was her parents, but that Carlson won’t discover the paperwork to back it up.

Carlson, in trying to find answers, had asked the Arnaz family members for aid in confirming she genealogy. She initially had contacted them once she began suffering from heart problems, learning the “Dream Girl” star had passed away from an aortic dissection in 1989. And also she mostly was curious in figuring this out since she’s concerned around the health and wellness of her son, Daniel, who has been diagnosed with borderline cystic fibrosis, a cradle condition, and a bone disorder involving his hip.

Tragic points You Didn’t Know around Lucille Ball

Julia Arnaz, Desi Arnaz Jr.’s out-of-wedlock daughter, had once available to administer a DNA sample, however abruptly withdrew the offer. And also suddenly the Arnaz household publicly recognized Julia’s paternity because that the an initial time, after her well-known deep alienation from the famous clan. And also Lucie and Desi Jr. Have both acknowledged that your parents were in reality trying to have children around the time the Lucille sphere would’ve offered up her “daughter” for adoption, so that wouldn’t make sense for she to carry out so.

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Plenty of suspicious things going on below when it pertains to tv show stardom. Occasionally it’s hard to wrap our minds about the truth that civilization are still dealing with real-life situations outside of your acting careers. And with the increase of society media over the critical decade, perhaps Carlson would’ve really acquired the answers she needed.

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