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Lauren Bacall passed far this week, and also fans and also others are wondering about her children.

Bacall had actually three kids–Leslie Bogart, Stephen Bogart, and Sam Robards.

Leslie and also Stephen are the kids of Bacall and also famed gibbs Humphrey Bogart. The couple were married on might 21, 1945. Stephen to be born on January 6, 1946; Leslie was born on respectable 23, 1952.

Stephen is a producer and also actor, and also is known for Bogart: The Untold Story (1996), Humphrey Bogart: You must Remember This… (1997) and This critical Lonely Place (2014), follow to iMDb.

Stephen has actually been married twice himself, very first to Dale Irene Gemelli indigenous 1969 with 1984–they had actually one kid together–and then to Barbara Bruchmann indigenous 1985 through 2010. He and Barbara had two children together.

While mainly staying far from the movie business, Stephen is an completed author, writing 3 books–“Bogart: in search of My Father” by Stephen v Gary Provost.; “Play that Again”; and “The Remake: together Time goes By.”


US actress Lauren Bacall (L) hugs her boy Sam Robards after he presented her with the Julie Harris Lifetime success Award in ~ the 2001 Los Angeles Tony Awards Party in Santa Monica, California, 03 June 2001. (Lucy Nicholson/AFP/Getty Images)

He has additionally acted ~ above a variety of television shows and movies. He to be Kyle Masterson in Twisted on abc Family, Tim Feeny on Treme on, and also Howie ‘The Captain’ Archibald ~ above Gossip Girl top top CW. He also appeared on eight episodes of The West Wing together Greg Brock, 4 episodes of spin City as Arthur, and 23 illustration of obtain a Life together Larry Potter.

He married Suzy Amis in 1986 however they acquired divorced in 1994, according to iMDb.

Robards later married Sidsel Jensen in 1997, and also they have together ever since.

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Correction: A previous version of this article misidentified Leslie Howard. Howard to be a man. Epoch Times regrets the error.