Before Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon struggle the late-night talk display circuit on NBC, there to be one male that reigned supreme. Johnny Carson was the original king of late-night comedy. He hosted the long-running The tonight Show from 1962 until 1992. For three decades, he entertained audiences with his celebrity interviews, notorious skits, and uncontrollable laughter. In spite of bringing happiness to numerous nightly viewers, the comedian had to face his own hardships after ~ the tragic loss of his 39-year-old son.

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The king of late night

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Winner of 6 Emmy Awards, Carson was well-known for his rapid wit, charismatic charm, and also good-natured personality. Audiences approximately the country loyally tuned in every night come forget around the day-to-day grind. That entertained viewers right into the at an early stage morning hours, helping them unwind after ~ a lengthy day. Year after year, the talented host interviewed few of America’s biggest entertainers.

He had his finger ~ above the pulse of pop culture and took his audiences follow me for a wild ride. Carson loved doing impersonations of presidents, movie stars, and also other identified personalities. One of Carson’s most memorable recurring personalities was Carnac the Magnificent. The long-running hold would don a colorful cape and big turban and also pretend to be a psychic who had the answers to every kinds that questions.

How old to be Johnny Carson when he died?

Carson led a complicated life behind the cameras. In 1948, the comedian married his very first wife, Jody Wolcott, according to Biography. The couple shared 3 sons. They divorced in 1963, a year after Carson became a successful late-night host. Several months after the divorce was finalized, that married again, this time come Joanne Copeland. They divorce in 1972, and also after an ugly court battle, Copeland got a court-ordered settlement of $500,000 and annual alimony payments. Carson married his 3rd wife, Joanna Holland, a couple of months later, and also their union additionally ended in divorce in 1983. 

Clearly, a difficult man to live with, Carson married because that the fourth and final time in 1987 to Alexis Maas. The couple stayed with each other until he passed away in 2005. An avid tennis player, Carson live for much more than 30 year on a palatial oceanfront legacy in Malibu, California, that had actually a custom-built tennis court. It was in that residence that Carson had actually a life-threatening heart strike at the age of 74. He made it through after undergoing quadruple-bypass surgery. The late-night legend died on January 23, 2005, from symptom of emphysema and also respiratory failure. He to be 79.

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How go Johnny Carson’s boy die?

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In 1991, Carson’s kid Richard passed away in a tragic automobile accident. The AP reported that he came to be distracted while acquisition photographs. The vehicle went off the road and also plunged more than 100 feet under an embankment, landing ~ above its top. The 39-year-old son of the late-night host was thrown from his vehicle. He died instantly in ~ the scene of the crash. An officer native the California Highway Patrol said, “It appears his attention was just diverted. That wasn’t travel at a high price of rate or carelessly.” The late-night hold was ~ above his method to England for the Wimbledon tennis championships once he learned turn off his son’s untimely death.

Fabiosa reported that “Carson to be an very private person, so the was tough for him to share such a remarkable pain v the entire world.” moving his son’s eulogy, Carson said, “Probably the most difficult moment of mine life. It makes you very conscious that what’s crucial when you lose a child.” Carson hidden himself in work-related after his son’s death and one year later decided to end his power as the late-night king. Carson signed turn off The tonight Show because that the final time in 1992. According to entertainment Weekly, much more than 50 million viewers tuned in for Carson’s final show. His critical words to the tv viewing audience were: “I bid girlfriend a an extremely heartfelt goodnight.”