The country singer tragically died five days prior to his illegitimate daughter, Jett, to be born, and it took her more than twenty years to uncover his identity.

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The nation singer tragically died five days before his illegitimate daughter, Jett, to be born, and also it took her much more than twenty years to discover his identity.

The year 1953 need to have been just one of hope and also promise for singer-songwriter Hank Williams, among America’s first country music superstars, well-known for his songs like “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” “Hey, an excellent Lookin’” and “I’ll Never acquire Out that This civilization Alive.” In fact, he was on his means to execute at a concert Canton, Ohio, on new Year’s work of the year once he passed away in the backseat of his 1952 powder blue Cadillac in ~ the period of 29. When it’s to be reported the the cause was a love attack, the Los Angeles Times also says it may have been indigenous “complications brought on through alcohol and drug addiction.”

Five job later, a infant girl was born in Montgomery, Alabama. The kid was passed from guardian to guardian prior to she was embraced at the period of 3 by Wayne and also Louis Deupree in Mobile, Alabama, and became Cathy Deupree.

But that wasn’t until years later the she set off on a lengthy and complicated journey to figure out that she to be the daughter the the famous Hank Williams.

His daughter lived through four households in four years

The young Deupree was shuffled roughly often — living with Williams' mom Lillian stone until she died and also then at some point being put right into the device for fostering since Williams' sisters Irene Smith, that was the following in line, wouldn’t take treatment of her.

"I had 4 families before I was four, was orphaned three times and also had 6 name changes," Deupree — who currently goes by Jett Williams — claimed in a 2002 decided at the Library the Congress. "My life was repeatedly adjusted with the punch of a pen, it is in it by an attorney, society worker, judge, household member or the courts."

Jett to be 21 once she realized Williams could be her organic father

While Jett was a college small at the college of Alabama in Montgomery majoring in recreation therapy, her adoptive parents pertained to visit and also gave the then 21-year-old $2,000 that had actually been hosted for her once she turned 21 native Stone.

And that was her very first “crumb” that she can possibly be Williams' daughter.

“There’s nothing you have the right to do around it, there’s no proof,” Jett remembers her adopted mother informing her.

But the wasn’t an excellent enough because that Jett. She ended up being “obsessed” through finding out the true identification of she father.


Jett learned that Williams planned to take full custody that her

Jett set off on a vast treasure hunting to discover the truth about her own past, digging into all sorts of legal and adoption records — and lost household connections. Eventually, she got in touch v an uncle and Williams' cousin, Marie Harvell.

She learned the her birth mother was a secretary in Nashville who became pregnant through Williams' baby simply months prior to he married another woman, billie Jean Eschliman. But her father to be committed come make certain the unborn baby was taken care of — pledging to salary the medical bills and also giving Jett a one-way ticket to California, with the promise the after two years, he would certainly take custody that the child.

"My daddy loved me enough to carry out something just for me," she claimed in 2002. "He gotten in into a pre-birth custody agreement that offered him full custody and responsibility for me... My father never intended because that me to be adopted."

She entered a legal battle to prove Williams was undoubtedly her bear father

But clearly Williams' tragic fatality got in the way of the plan. As did other family members members, choose Hank Williams, Jr., that didn’t identify his half-sister for years — in fact, they were in a legal battle for ripe years.

Court battles and also family rivalries tested whether Jett truly was in Williams' lineage, together she kept hitting "one brick wall surface after another," including that “my case was said in probate court, circuit court, the state supreme court, the federal courts in new York, the appellate court and no much less than five times in the U.S. Supreme Court."

Eventually, she met a lawyer named Keith Adkinson who uncovered documentation the the plan between Williams and Jett’s mother (though how he come to attain it has never to be revealed). And in 1985, the Alabama State Court figured out legally that she was certainly the singer’s daughter. (And in 1986, she married Adkinson.)

Jett sings to assist stay associated to Williams

During Jett’s search to bond v her late dad, she likewise started come sing, making her expert debut in 1989 prior to performing at Nashville’s grand Ole Opry in 1993.

And to important step right into her very own dad’s footsteps, she reached out to 2 of her dad’s old sidemen, Jerry Rivers and also Don Helms, to have them play through her.

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With every the continuous reminders, Jett is reminded the what she doesn’t have. “I’m never ever going to have actually memories of Christmas v my dad or of sit in his lap, yet I still feeling I recognize him,” she says.

Jett to trust Williams is she 'guardian angel'

Some time in her 30s, Jett gave herself the name Jett Williams — a combination of her birth mom Frances “Bobbie” Jett and also her father’s names. And also in 1990, she released an Ain’t Nothin’ together Sweet as My Baby: The Story of Hank Williams’ shed Daughter and released the 1995 album That Reminds Me of Hank.

After all, it’s music that has actually kept their partnership alive. “When i hear mine dad sing, come me that sounds prefer his life counts on it. Ns mean, girlfriend stop and also catch her breath, and also you feel as if he's singing that song simply to you,” Jett told NPR in 2008.

“I believe that I’ve had a guardian angel. I really, really do,” she told the Los Angeles Times in 1990. And I’ve implied that ns think my father is mine guardian angel — and also that he’s feather down.”