Ethel Kennedy love to it is in the facility of attention, however she couldn’t complete with her sister-in-law, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy.

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Ethel to be outdoorsy and also fun, dedicated to her husband Robert F. Kennedy and also eventually mommy to 11 rambunctious children.

Jackie to be something else, and their relationship was periodically strained. Ethel called Jackie ‘the Debutante.’ Jackie referred to as Ethel ‘a baby-making an equipment – wind she up and she gets pregnant.’

Ethel Kennedy

She was born April 11, 1928, in Chicago, the 6th of seven youngsters of George and Anne Skakel. She father was a self-made millionaire, her mommy came indigenous a negative South Side irish Catholic family.

The Skakels moved eastern when Ethel turned five in 1933, finally settling in a 31-room mansion in Greenwich, Conn., in 1936. The rowdy ireland brood never ever quite to the right in through the WASPy snobs of Greenwich.

Ethel mutual her mother’s devotion come Catholicism. One indifferent student, she excelled at sports. She attend Manhattanville college of the spiritual Heart, wherein she ended up being friends through Jean Kennedy, the second-youngest of Joseph and Rose Kennedy’s nine children. Ethel Skakel met Bobby Kennedy top top a ski weekend with Jean, and also they married in June 1950.

St. Patrick’s Day


When Jack and Jackie were dating. Photograph courtesy john F. Kennedy Library.

As they approached their 3rd wedding anniversary, Bobby, a newly minted lawyer, operated for the federal federal government in Washington, D.C. Bobby’s enlarge brother, man F. Kennedy, had just won election to the U.S. Senate indigenous Massachusetts.

Ethel Kennedy had currently given bear to two children, but that didn’t protect against her indigenous throwing parties. She would later on be known for wild to work in which guests in evening clothing were thrown into the swimming pool.

Ethel Kennedy chose to hold a St. Patrick’s work party in 1953 and also invited Bobby’s enlarge brother. Jack Kennedy asked if the could lug his new girlfriend, Jacqueline Bouvier. Ethel called Jackie and told her the exact same thing she told all her guests: undertake black.

Most of the guest drove or took a cab come the party, and they every dutifully wore black. Jack Kennedy arrived at crutches. Jackie proved up last — in a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce. Underneath her black fur she wore a black color evening gown embroidered through silver thread, a pearl necklace and earrings.

Ethel unexpectedly appeared, attract a shimmering emerald gown the assured she’d catch everyone’s attention. Other than when world were looking at Jackie Bouvier.

Jackie organized court through the fireplace, climate excused herself with ‘a tragic headache.’ She made that a point, though, come say goodbye to each dazzled guest prior to leaving in she chauffeured car.


During the White house years, Ethel Kennedy periodically filled in as soon as Jackie can not – or i will not ~ – meet a social commitment. Once Jackie begged turn off a ‘meet-and-greet’ through White house visitors, and also Ethel hosted the occasion instead. Jackie went turn off to beat tennis. Her press secretary lied v her this to Ethel, saying Jackie wasn’t feeling well.

During the Kennedy presidency, Ethel’s madcap next at her residence in McLean, Va., make news. She would let loose a live chicken top top the dining room table or push presidential torture Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., into the swimming pool. Jack and Jackie Kennedy seldom went to Ethel’s parties.


Bobby Kennedy, Eunice Shriver, Caroline Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, man Kennedy

After man F. Kennedy’s assassination, Bobby Kennedy consoled Jackie – to together an level many thought they were carrying on a romance.

Ethel Kennedy may have actually thought so too. She sister-in-law, Eunice Shriver, was quoted as saying to her, “Well, what are you going to do about it — Bobby’s safety an awful the majority of time through the ‘widder.'” Ethel said nothing in response.

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After Bobby Kennedy’s assassination in 1968, Ethel’s children grew even an ext unruly. Things obtained so bad that Jackie wouldn’t let John and Caroline visit or invest time with their cousins.