Singer Eddie Fisher topped the charts in the 1950s and made headlines as soon as he left wife Debbie Reynolds to become Elizabeth Taylor"s fourth husband.

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Who to be Eddie Fisher?

Son of bad Russian immigrants, Eddie Fisher began singing professionally at period 12. His an initial hit was 1950's "Thinking the You." ~ a insignificant in the army, Fisher reverted with "Wish You to be Here" and also "Oh mine Pa-Pa." In 1955 Fisher married actress Debbie Reynolds, yet left her to come to be Elizabeth Taylor's 4th husband. Fisher and also Reynolds to be the parental of actress Carrie Fisher.

Early Life and Career

One the most famous singers of the 1950s, Eddie Fisher to be born on august 10, 1928, the fourth of seven kids growing up in a negative immigrant ar of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Fisher's parents, Kate and Joe Fisher, to be both Russian-born Jewish immigrants, and also his father worked very first in a leather factory and later peddling fruits and also vegetables from the back of his car. Fisher's household was extremely poor, moving frequently to protect against eviction and also subsisting because that a time ~ above welfare payments. Nevertheless, regardless of his impoverished childhood, Fisher always believed that he was destined for stardom. The recalls, "Somehow, though, somehow i knew i was walking to obtain out of the world, and also I knew that my voice was going to take it me the end of it."

Nicknamed "Sonny Boy," Fisher found his natural vocal talent at a an extremely young age. The remembers, "When i was a little child-I couldn't have been more than 3 or four years old-I opened up my mouth and also this beautiful sound came out and, because that me, the world was readjusted forever." Fisher's was a herbal talent the required little training or polish. He never ever once took a voice lesson; "I didn't need to work at it," that says, "I didn't even have to practice." Fisher cases that this vocal gift was responsible for shaping the entire course that his life: "Everything that has happened in mine life, the fame I've enjoyed, the fortunes I've earned, the marriages, the affairs, the scandals, also my drug addictions, everything I owe to the truth that when I opened up my mouth this sound, this music, come out."

Fisher gotten in his first children's talent present at the age of 4 and also won first prize-a big cake.

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~ that, the says, "my mother gone into me in every amateur contest she heard about and I normally won." Fisher started singing professionally as a 12-year-old in 1940, debuting on regional Philadelphia radio station WFIL's routine When I flourish Up. Because that the next several years, Fisher performed on regional radio mirrors such together Magic Lady, Junior Music Hall and also Teen Time, earning around $25 per week. As a teenager, that tied for first place ~ above the renowned radio talent competition, Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts.