Mere months before her fatality in 2016, Carrie Fisher to reduce an epic bombshell. Follow to the actor, she and also Harrison Ford had actually a three-month affair when filming the initial Star Wars. However, their relationship never ever matured past that point, leaving the 2 to go their different ways. Fisher ultimately gave bear to a daughter, billy Lourd. But who is Lourd’s father?


Carrie Fisher and also Billie Lourd at the ‘Star Wars: The pressure Awakens’ premiere | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Carrie Fisher famously date actor Dan Aykroyd and singer Paul Simon

In addition to Ford, Fisher’s romantic background includes a couple of other well known names. For years, she and also singer Paul Simon had an on-again/off-again relationship. The pair at some point married in 1983, just to divorce the following year. Their romance also briefly ongoing after their separation. Yet in the middle of her facility relationship status with Simon, Fisher momentarily relocated on.

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While filming The Blues Brothers, she acquired romantically associated with star Dan Aykroyd. Throughout a particularly wild story in i m sorry Fisher almost choked, Aykroyd even proposed come her. Alas, that connection didn’t critical long. Instead, Fisher reunited with Simon, calling the quits on she engagement come Aykroyd. Yet, neither guy wound increase the father of she child.

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But that is the father of her only child, actor billie Lourd?

From 1991 to 1994, Fisher remained in a relationship with talent certified dealer Bryan Lourd. Although some reports asserted the 2 were married, this no the case, the Los Angeles times reported year later. Fisher and also Lourd’s romantic fizzled once he left the actor because that a man. This experience sustained Fisher’s 2004 novel The best Awful, a sequel to she 1987 book Postcards native the Edge.

While the two never tied the knot, Fisher and Lourd did have a child together. Their daughter, billie Lourd, to be born in 1992. Billie Lourd soon followed in her mother and grandmother Debbie Reynolds’ footsteps. She do her acting debut on Fox’s short-lived horror-comedy Scream Queens. And also she continued to work-related with collection co-creator Ryan Murphy on American fear Story.

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Billie Lourd made she film debut the opposite her mother in ‘Star Wars’

Lourd has popped increase on the huge screen together well. In her film debut, she starred the contrary her mom in Star Wars: The pressure Awakens. That film — presented Lourd as Resistance fighter lieutenant Connix. She later reprised the personality in two sequels. Lourd even doubled for her late mommy in a Leia-centered recall in Star Wars: The climb of Skywalker.

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In the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Lourd doesn’t yes, really have enough time to provide a breakout performance. Yet she absolutely does in Booksmart. The gibbs earned an essential acclaim for her supporting duty as the free-spirited Gigi. Lourd was also named best Supporting Actress through the Hollywood critics Association. She additionally gave bear to her an initial child in 2020.