Who is Ethel Kennedy? everything you must know around Robert F. Kennedy"s widow and also her numerous accomplishments. 

At age 92, Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Robert F. Kennedy, is still an active human rights activist.

Just two years ago, at the period of 90, she announced that she would go ~ above hunger strike come protest the separation the migrant parents and children at the united state border. 

She is best known together RFK"s loving wife and, adhering to his death, widow, specialized to carrying on his legacy, and is the matriarch of their family. However who is the actual Ethel Kennedy and also what"s her story?

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After RFK"s assassination, Jackie Kennedy composed Ethel a heartfelt note

Right after giving his win speech for winning the California and South Dakota democratic primaries, Robert F. Kennedy to be assassinated through Sirhan Sirhan at The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, on June 5, 1968. 

After this, Ethel and her sister-in-law Jackie common a horrifically tragic bond: both of your husbands - brothers - had been assassinated. On June 6, Jackie wrote Ethel the following condolence letter: 

“My Ethel –

No one in the people could have ever been like you to be yesterday — except maybe Bobby –

We are going house now — your phone was busy

You don’t want any much more callers you have to be so tired — I remained up it spins 6:30 last night simply thinking — and also praying for you — and also for friend in the months ahead –

I love you so much –

You know that anything — Stas will certainly take small Bobby to Africa — I’ll take it them roughly the civilization + come the moon + ago — something to help you + them now and constantly –

With mine deepest deepest love


Soon after she husband"s assassination, Ethel declared she would never ever marry again 

Adding come the senseless tragedy, Ethel was pregnant through Rory, her youngest boy with RFK, at the moment of his death. Rory to be born on December 12, 1968, simply under 6 months after the father was killed. 

Ethel publicly stated that she still considered herself married come Bobby and would no marry again, instead devoting herself to furthering his work and legacy. 

She vowed to bring on RFK"s appointment to human being rights 

In the loss of 1968, Ethel and other members the the Kennedy family members launched the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial as a living memorial the would lug on his work of implementing readjust and action in locations struggling with poverty, crime, and also human rights violations. Stated Ethel at the time: 

"He want to encourage the young people and also to help the disadvantaged and also discriminated against both here and abroad, and he wanted to promote tranquility in the world. These will be the goals of the memorial.”

The memorial developed into the Robert F. Kennedy center for Justice and also Human Rights, which continues that occupational today. Ethel herself remains committed come this vision, newly announcing she would certainly embark on a hunger to win at age 90 to protest the separation the migrant parents and also children at the united state border. 

Her youngest daughter, Rory, made a documentary about her mother"s life

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In 2012, Rory Kennedy do a documentary around her mother. Titled merely Ethel, the documentary focused on five days that intimate, emotional interviews v Ethel and her children, and footage from your parents" past and also their childhoods. That debuted in ~ Sundance and premiered top top HBO. 

President Obama forgive Ethel Kennedy the Presidential Medal of Freedom

President Obama forgive Ethel Kennedy a Presidential Medal of liberty today http://t.co/yV4BaCjTTZ pic.twitter.com/Cmetb1DcxO

— The Boston world (
BostonGlobe) November 24, 2014

In 2014, Ethel to be awarded the Presidential Medal of freedom by chairman Obama for she dedication to "advancing the reason of society justice, person rights, eco-friendly protection, and also poverty reduction by creating countless ripples of expect to effect adjust around the world.