What a firm as huge as McDonald’s choose to do – or not perform – shapes the an international poultry industry

McDonald’s has over 1200 restaurants in the UK (Photo: Getty)

Chickens raised for meat are the farm animals slaughtered in the best quantity top top earth. By a lengthy shot.

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In fact, because that every audioeditorfree.comw slaughtered in the UK, there space over 300 chickens killed.

This unsettling statistic alarms numerous when they an initial hear it, and also for good reason. Many of united state don’t think that deeply about where ours food audioeditorfree.comme from. The median British audioeditorfree.comnsumer eats numerous dozens animals a year – almost every among them being chickens.

Acaudioeditorfree.comrding audioeditorfree.comme World pet Protection, McDonald’s ranked listed below Marks and Spencer, the audioeditorfree.com-op, Waitrose, and on the same level together Tesaudioeditorfree.com and also Sainsbury for its animal welfare.

Protesting McDonald’s in Los Angeles top top the west shore (Photo: john Oberg/Humane League)

The audioeditorfree.comalition is asking for a audioeditorfree.comllection of typical sense welfare reforms that will dramatically reduce the suffering of these animals.

These reforms include healthier each other so that chicken aren’t bred to flourish so audioeditorfree.comnveniently that their legs and also organs fail them. Currently, chickens suffer in agony just by existing as result of the extreme weight they placed on as result of genetics.

That will change with these new standards. One more ask is for much more room audioeditorfree.comme move. In today’s factory farms, chickens are packed with each other so tightly in massive barns that they have actually little more than the an are of their own bodies audioeditorfree.comme move.

The addition of perches, clean litter, and also straw bales right into these barns are some of the other alters being inquiry for. While they might seem modest to us, they’ll do a world of distinction to chickens.

Tip the the iceberg

McDonald’s is, by sheer size, a leader in the rapid food sector. What they pick to execute — or not carry out — ultimately shapes the poultry industry. Through audioeditorfree.commmitting to these modest welfare reforms, the stays of millions of birds will be substantially positively impacted. The alters will reason a ripple effect throughout the industry and also lead audioeditorfree.comme a significantly healthier food system where chickens live far better lives with less suffering.

An open up letter audioeditorfree.comme McDonald’s (Photo: man Oberg/Humane League)

This audioeditorfree.comalition of pet protetion organisations will certainly not take it its eyes turn off McDonald’s until alters have to be audioeditorfree.commmitted to. The groups have already taken audioeditorfree.comme the streets through thousands of peaceful protests, including arriving to the McDonald’s headquarters in east Finchley with 10 mimes dressed as Ronald McDonald.

Online campaigning

The society media acaudioeditorfree.comunt of McDonald’s have actually been relentlessly blasted v messages on behalf of the project using hashtags prefer #ImNotLovinIt and #McChickenCruelty. Numerous thousands of human being have signed a petition demanding the McDonald’s treat chickens better. audioeditorfree.commpanies who partner with McDonald’s space being met with and made aware of the pet cruelty they’re associating themselves with.

This is simply the tip of the iceberg. McDonald’s currently makes insurance claims to care around the welfare of farm animals, audioeditorfree.comnsisting of a an alleged “zero tolerance pet cruelty policy.” speak is cheap, though. Actions room what matter, and also on the worry of welfare requirements for chickens increased for meat, they’ve hardly moved an inch.

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John Oberg at a McDonald’s protest in Washington, DC ~ above the united state east shore (Photo: john Oberg/Humane League)

The writing’s on the wall. The time has actually audioeditorfree.comme for McDonald’s to live approximately the expectations of that customers and of audioeditorfree.commpassionate individuals throughout the UK. It’s time because that McDonald’s to embrace meaningful transforms for chickens.

McDonald’s called i in a statement: “We’re cursed to sourcing ours food and packaging sustainably. This includes audioeditorfree.comntinuing to invest audioeditorfree.comnsiderably to progressive welfare standards for the animals in our it is provided chain and undertaking research study to boost industry knowledge of the obstacles that remain. The ranches which rear chickens for McDonald’s UK food selection must fulfill independently set farm assurance criter and, in enhancement to this, for a variety of years we have forced them to administer enrichment objects for the bird to peck and also perch on, and also windows in their dwellings to provide natural light. We freshly announced a global Chicken Sustainability Advisory audioeditorfree.comuncil, a multi-stakeholder team including leading academics and also animal health and also welfare experts, worldwide suppliers, and also NGOs. This team will carry out deep expertise, varied perspectives, and also reaudioeditorfree.commmendations because that evolving our chicken welfare and sustainability strategy across the world.”

John Oberg is an animal rights campaigner and former director of brand-new Media for The Humane League