The Chicago Bears have the most Hall of Famers of any kind of NFL team (26), so to complain around players that were snubbed may sound a little pithy.

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Still, just due to the fact that the bears have all of these busts in Canton, and have so plenty of retired numbers that they can not retire any an ext (13), go not typical that there haven"t been a couple of who have actually been overlooked over the years.

Richard Dent, until his recent induction, had actually made the list of finalists numerous times, but he finally made it. Meanwhile, a pair of the football player on mine list carry out deserve enshrinement, in my opinion, if a pair more may be stretches; still, castle deserve serious consideration.

The hall of Fame choice process in football is vastly different from various other sports and is a little secretive.

The Committee is composed of one media representative from each agree football city v two from new York, a representative of the pro Football authors of America and 11 at-large delegates.

The Committee"s existing ground rules stipulate the between four and also seven new members will certainly be selected yearly (source:

Locally, the media human being from Chicago is Dan Pompei that the Chicago Tribune.

So, c"mon, Dan, let"s help get these following former bear players enshrined. Below we go!


They call him "Hit Man, don"t understand what castle mean"...this security was the love of the Bears" 46 defense, and also he was as constant as any type of player can be. 

Fencik played 12 periods with the Chicago Bears and is your all-time leader in interceptions and total tackles. He was the team"s protective captain through the 1980s consisting of the 1985 Super key championship season.

Fencik perfect his career through 38 interceptions, i m sorry he returned for 488 yards and a touchdown.

He likewise recorded 2 sacks and recovered 14 fumbles, return them for 65 yards.

Look, i realize the will never ever make the room of Fame, in big part because he to be vastly underrated and also overshadowed by the various other Bears protective greats from this era (Mike Singletary, Dan Hampton, Richard Dent, etc.) but he is worthy of strong consideration.



Fortunato was named to the pro Bowl five times and also NFL All-Pro 3 times. He played external linebacker for the bears from 1955-1966 till he to be supplanted in the lineup by Doug Buffone.

Fortunato was a member of one of the best linebacking groups in NFL history when that teamed with Larry Morris and also Bill George, who played with each other in the 1963 NFL Championship season.

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Fortunato was named as among the 300 ideal NFL football player of all time. He likewise served together an assistant coach ~ above Jim Dooley"s employee in 1967 and also 1968.