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The Packers are one of the NFL"s most well-known teams, largely since they"ve had much more success than many in the league. Because that that, green Bay has 4 Super bowl titles and also many more NFL championships come thank.

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Now green Bay is chasing yet one more Super key in its very first NFC title video game appearance due to the fact that the 2016 season. Have to the Packers beat mountain Francisco and advance to Super bowl 54, castle will have a possibility to join the 49ers and Cowboys together the teams with the second-most Super key championships, behind only the Steelers and also Patriots.

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Below is the Packers Super bowl history, which includes a 4-1 record.

How numerous Super Bowls have actually the Packers won?

The Packers have tasted success in the super Bowl four times, consisting of the first two execution of the large game ~ the 1966 and also 1967 seasons. Eco-friendly Bay also won nine NFL championships prior to the Super key era.

Below is a rapid review of all four of the Packers" Super key wins.

Super bowl 1: Packers 35, Chiefs 10

The first ever location game between the AFL champion and also the NFL champion to be the blowout most feared it would certainly be, considering the NFL was taken into consideration the remarkable league. Return the very first half that Super bowl 1 was competitive.

The Chiefs were down 14-10 come the Packers at halftime, but Green Bay score 21 unanswered point out in the second fifty percent and cruised come victory. Quarterback Bart Starr, who passed because that 250 yards, two touchdowns and also an interception because that a passer rating of 116.2, was called Super key MVP.

Super key 2: Packers 33, Raiders 14

The second title game between the AFL champion and also the NFL champion was basically a repeat that the first, through the AFL"s Raiders being heavily outmatched through the NFL"s Packers.

Oakland was down 16-7 at halftime, but Green Bay scored 17 unanswered point out in the second half, consisting of Herb Adderly"s 60-yard interception return because that a touchdown in the fourth quarter. Starr again was named Super bowl MVP.

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Super key 31: Packers 35, Patriots 21

After nearly 30 frustrating years and also a few teases in the playoffs leading approximately the 1996 season, the Packers lastly returned come the Super key in coach Mike Holmgren"s fifth season. They didn"t garbage the opportunity.

On the strength of part big-time plays — consisting of Brett Favre"s 54-yard touchdown happen to Andre Rison in the first quarter and Desmond Howard"s 99-yard kickoff return because that a touchdown in the third — green Bay it is provided past brand-new England with family member ease. (The Patriots" 4 turnovers certainly helped.) Howard was named Super bowl MVP.

Super key 45: Packers 31, Steelers 25

Green Bay"s latest run to the at sight Bowl forced a series of improbable playoff victories, and also the No. 6-seeded Packers yielded with wins over the No. 3-seeded Eagles, the No. 1-seeded Falcons and the No. 2-seeded competitor Bears.

The result was a thriller that a Super key in Dallas between the Packers and also Steelers. Eco-friendly Bay jumped out to a 21-3 lead, but Pittsburgh score 14 unanswered and found itself under just four points going into the 4th quarter. Then Aaron Rodgers threw a touchdown pass to Greg Jennings. ~ the teams traded field goals, the Packers" defense stopped Ben Roethlisberger"s comeback effort in the final two minutes. Rodgers was named Super bowl MVP.

Packers Super key appearances

The Packers have appeared in five Super Bowls, win four.

Below are all of their appearances, consisting of their one loss indigenous the 1997 season.

SeasonSuper bowl opponentResultRegular-season recordHead coach
1966ChiefsW, 35-1012-2Vince Lombardi
1967RaidersW, 33-149-4-1Vince Lombardi
1996PatriotsW, 35-2113-3Mike Holmgren
1997BroncosL, 31-2413-3Mike Holmgren
2010SteelersW, 31-2510-6Mike McCarthy

Green Bay, that course, has had several opportunities to increase its variety of Super key appearances. The Packers have lost in the NFC championship game four times.

When is the last time the Packers play in the super Bowl?

Green Bay, i beg your pardon barely made the playoffs together the No. 6 seed after finishing the 2010 continuous season v a 10-6 record, wasn"t expected to make lot of a postseason run. But the Packers shut down Michael Vick and the Eagles in the wild-card round, throttled top-seeded Falcons in Atlanta and, aided by a Jay Cutler injury, handled the bear in the NFC championship game.

The magic ongoing early in Super bowl 45, when green Bay jumped the end to a 14-0 lead in the an initial quarter on the strength of a Rodgers touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson and also a Nick Collins interception return for a touchdown. Jennings recorded his very first of two touchdowns so late in the second quarter to offer the Packers a 31-3 lead, however the Steelers charged back to within 4 points entering the fourth.

Fueled by Rodgers" 8-yard touchdown pass to Jennings at an early stage in the fourth quarter, green Bay had just enough to hold off Pittsburgh and win its fourth Super key in franchise history.

Which team has won the most Super Bowls?

The Packers remain stuck in a tie with the Giants with four Super key victories apiece, yet both space one behind the 49ers and Cowboys and also two behind the Patriots and Steelers.

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Below space all the NFL teams that have actually won two or more Super Bowls.

RankTeamSuper key wins