Residents it is registered to take nucleic acid tests in ~ a trial and error site in Quanzhou, following brand-new cases of the coronavirus condition (COVID-19), in Fujian province, China September 13, 2021. China day-to-day via fist EDITORS - THIS photo WAS detailed BY A third PARTY. CHINA OUT.

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59 brand-new local situations reported in Fujian provincePreliminary tests display Delta different in some early casesOutbreak spread southern from Putian to XiamenTravel restrictions implemented to border spread
BEIJING, Sept 14 ( - brand-new local COVID-19 infections more than double in China's southeastern province of Fujian, health authorities claimed on Tuesday, prompting public official to quickly roll the end measures consisting of travel restrictions to halt the spread out of the virus.

The National wellness Commission stated 59 brand-new locally transmitted cases were reported for Sept. 13, up from 22 epidemic a work earlier. Every one of them were in Fujian, a province bordered by Zhejiang to the north and also Guangdong to the south.

In just 4 days, a complete of 102 community infections have actually been reported in 3 Fujian cities, consisting of Xiamen, a tourist and also transport hub through a populace of 5 million.

The infections come ahead of the week-long nationwide Day holiday starting on Oct. 1, a major tourist season. The last domestic outbreak in so late July to august disrupted travel, hitting the tourism, hospitality and also transportation sectors.

China's wait passenger website traffic plunged 51.5% in respectable from a year earlier, data exit on Tuesday showed, highlighting the vulnerability that Chinese airlines to repeated outbreaks also though COVID-19 is largely under regulate in the country.

Fujian's outbreak began in Putian, a city the 3.2 million, with the very first case report on Sept. 10. Preliminary exam on samples from some Putian instances showed patients had contracted the highly transmissible Delta variant.

The outbreak has because spread south to Xiamen, which report 32 brand-new cases of ar transmission because that Sept. 13 contrasted with simply one infection a work earlier.

"The Putian federal government is a big client of ours," said a employee at a Xiamen building survey firm, declining to it is in named.

"About half of our company went come Putian last week. They are now isolated in ~ home, if the rest have actually gone to carry out their Covid tests."

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Like Putian, Xiamen has actually locked under some areas of higher virus risk, reduced offline classes in ~ kindergartens, major schools and also high schools, closed public venues such as cinemas, gyms and also bars, and also told residents not to leaving the city for non-essential reasons.

The an initial patient in the Xiamen swarm was a close contact of a instance in Putian, Xiamen authorities claimed late top top Monday.

Known for its gentle weather and a laid-back lifestyle, Xiamen is a popular tourist destination domestically.

The Xiamen Gaoqi worldwide Airport is also a an essential transportation hub linking the Yangtze and also Pearl flow Delta. Around 60% that flights to and from Xiamen to be cancelled on Tuesday, follow to aviation data provider Variflight.

Both Putian and also Xiamen started city-wide trial and error for the coronavirus on Tuesday. The cities, however, are yet to announce difficult city-wide lockdowns as viewed in beforehand 2020 in China.

Three new cases of community transmission were likewise reported in nearby Quanzhou city, versus 6 infections a day earlier. Variflight data confirmed 70% of Quanzhou's flights were cancelled.

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"One tide after another," stated a bank manager in Xiamen. "It feels like the brand-new normal now."

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Reporting by Ryan Woo, Roxanne Liu, Kevin Huang, Stella Qiu, Yan Shen and also Liangping Gao; editing by Stephen Coates and also Michael Perry

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