Oh, the great ol’ days! with the good ol’ boys Bo and also Luke battle each other of Hazzard County. We all recognize they supposed well, however did lock ever reason a many trouble! The famed TV series, Dukes that Hazzard, complies with the cousins top top all their crazy escapades and also adventures. But while we might love the battle each other boys, over there is one more star of the show: The Dukes that Hazzard car. On January 26, 1979, the an initial episode that The Dukes that Hazzard aired and also this iconic auto made its big debut. And also now we deserve to never forget the Dukes of Hazzard auto either! An amazing souped increase 1969 evade Charger through that evil orange repaint job.

For every the pan of the show and the Dukes of Hazzard car, here are 10 awesome facts about the above 1969 evade Charger!

1) While us all might know the surname of the Dukes the Hazzard automobile is the basic Lee, however it might come as a surprise at just how countless Lees were destroyed in the do of the TV series.

The lifespan of a general Lee was definitely short. It is estimated that upwards of 300 Dukes of Hazzard cars were provided through the TV series that ran indigenous 1979 to 1985. To all the lost Chargers, may you all remainder in peace.

2) even though we don’t know precisely how many were destroyed, it is claimed that an ext than one was provided for each illustration on average. That’s a most wrecked cars!

3) We have actually all probably seen at least one that the stunner stunts native the show. During filming prior to the show’s debut, the general Lee with its stunt driver (presumed Craig R. Baxley) made a jump that sent it right right into the record books. The epic jump to be 16 feet high and also 82 feet long. The stuntman drove turn off a makeshift ramp and also right over a cop car. Pretty negative ass, right?

Way come hit the ground running by accurate hitting the ground and also then, together you deserve to imagine, totalled the evade Charger. That’s show biz because that ya! `

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Image: “1969 dodge Charger, the general Lee (8335959203)” by Sicnag licensed under CC by 2.0

4) the record-breaking jump and also that specific 1969 evade Charger is a featured scene in every episode; making it the only Dodge Charger in The Dukes the Hazzard to it is in in much more than one episode.

5) together for the numerous other stunts in the TV series, hundreds of pounds of either cement or sandbags to be packed right into the trunk of the evade 1969 Charger. Why? Well, it to be to stop the basic Lee native leaning forward and nose diving. Girlfriend see, the cars were an extremely heavy in the front.

6) and then there’s the infamous Dukes the Hazzard horn. The dixie horn has a quite cool story behind it. Two directors the the show heard a vehicle drive by with this horn and they in reality chased the automobile down and bought the horn from the driver because that $300.

7) In the later seasons the the show, there was a dodge Charger shortage. So much of a shortage the they had to usage orange AMC Ambassadors and also some sophisticated shooting techniques to do them look prefer the basic Lee. As the shortage continued, the producer of the show went out and also put note on the windshields that 1969 dodge Chargers asking the owners if they can buy them. Currently that’s dedication!

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Image: “Cooter’s Dukes that Hazzard Museum” by Cliff ~ above Flickr license is granted under CC through 2.0

8) quick forward come 2005 when The Dukes that Hazzard movie come out. If the movie itself to be questionable… to say the least, the Dukes of Hazzard car was still just as awesome as it was in the initial American comedy series. During the make of the film, 26 dodge Chargers to be used.

9) these 26 evade Chargers were either 1968 or 1970 models the were modified come look choose the general Lee native the 80s show. The very same license plate variety of “CNH 320” was provided as well.

10) The Dukes the Hazzard automobile Bo duke himself owns went up for auction in November 2017. While over there was quite the controversy approximately the Dukes that Hazzard car and also the Confederate flag ~ above its hood, the iconic auto still offered for approximately $10 million.

There you have it! part awesome facts around the good ol’ battle each other of Hazzard car. Now, time to revolve on the TV and watch among the episodes!

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Feature Image: “Dukes of Hazzard Charger (3782269812)” by allen walkin licensed under CC by 2.0