Net Worth: Real Name: Born: Age: Height: Astrological Sign: Home Town: Most renowned For: Last Updated:
$50 Million
Bill Omar Carrasquillo
September, 6, 1986
35 year old
5ft / 1.52m
Virgo ♍
Pennsylvania, united States
Song "Cheerleader"

Popular YouTuber, Omi In A Hellcat, is a rich entrepreneur native Philadelphia. Between his vlog videos touting his luxurious lifestyle, his love of dodge Hellcats, and also his various business ventures, he has amassed a net worth approximated at $60 million.

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Flashy lifestyle Pays Off


Omi In A Hellcat fills his YouTube channel through a day-to-day look at his spectacular lifestyle. His genuine name is invoice Omar Carrasquillo, and also he is dazzling to show the people how the lives and also what the drives.

Fleet of deluxe Vehicles


The most popular video vlog on his channel is "Omi In A Hellcat mirrors Off His automobile Collection". Because July 2019, it has received end 1.1 million views. He owns over 50 cars, including new additions like a 2020 evade Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye, 2020 Lamborghini, and a 2020 Camaro ZL1.

Humble Beginnings

While Omi In A Hellcat lives the an excellent life now, he began out like numerous other people. He started his climb by re-selling electronics and also games ~ above the internet, then moved on come the the industry.

Gears TV Reloaded


After a stint in IT and also a turn video game hosting, the went on to build apps. The sold several apps before he created the IPTV application for Gears TV Reloaded, a streaming tv service.

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Venturing into Other Industries


Once Omi In A Hellcat had gathered a considerable fortune native his business ventures, he began to move right into other areas, consisting of construction, genuine estate, and also the night club business. And as his riches grow, that will have actually even more expensive playthings to display off in his videos.