read on to uncover out Jay Leno"s total net precious from all of his endeavors, and the complete cost of the countless expensive cars in his garage.

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Jay Leno

Jay Leno is mostly known for being a comedian and also one of America"s longtime talk display hosts. However, in addition to his talk present career, that is an avid car collector. In fact, Leno is together a gearhead, these days it could be argued that he"s as famous for his car collection together he is because that his successful career — at the very least in automotive circles. Leno has actually a garage complete of rare and also obscure vehicles, vintage cars and motorcycles, as well as other cars and also bikes the are much more mainstream yet caught his interest.

updated April 2021: Jay Leno can just it is in the world"s most well known gearhead and his collection seems to encompass everything indigenous the mundane come the bizarre. We"ve update this post to incorporate the most recent information accessible to keep it relevant and also interesting because that fans and admirers the Leno and his astonishing collection.

Leno enjoys all elements of his car collection, finding and also buying them, the repair and restoration work, and also taking them out for a spin. That"s right, his collection isn"t simply a bunch of show queens.

steam cars, sports cars, gyeongju cars, supercars, service trucks, wind turbine cars, classic motorcycles, and modern motorcycles... Almost any form of car is welcome in Leno"s Garage. While the an ext mainstream vehicles in his arsenal aren"t necessarily all that expensive, there is some seriously precious steel there that"s worth a far-reaching financial sum, and also Leno"s precious doesn"t end there. Aside from his talk present career and garage full of expensive cars, Leno continues to execute stand-up comedy number of times a year.

Read ~ above to uncover out Jay Leno"s full net precious from all of his endeavors, as well as the total cost that the many expensive car in his garage.

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Jay Leno self Is worth $450 Million

Jay Leno via Britannica
together of 2021, Jay Leno"s network worth quantities to approximately $450 million. He also currently has actually a salary of $15 million annually. In addition, Leno additionally owns a garage include his massive aforementioned collection of rare and vintage cars. Before achieving widespread fame and also fortune together the organize of The Tonight show with Jay Leno on NBC native 1992 to 2009, Leno had a lift in stand-up comedy. Leno wasn"t done v primetime comedy after leaving the tonight Show, together he had his own talk present for a year before he went back to The Tonight show for four more years before leaving for an excellent in 2014. Hosting The Tonight show earned the a very decent $320 million before taxes. Leno claims he didn"t actually invest the money that earned indigenous doing the talk show, instead, he was living off the money he earned performing dozens that stand-up comedy shows every year as a next gig. The stand-up comedy was something the hailed back to his college and also post-college days, together he started a comedy club at his university in 1973. 


His car Collection Is precious Somewhere between $52-100 Million

Jay Leno via Dupont it is registered
As stated earlier, Leno has a garage complete of rare, vintage, antique, and expensive cars and also motorcycles close to the Burbank Airport. Leno"s car collection currently hosts 181 cars and 160 motorcycles, and it"s estimated to be precious anywhere in between $52 to $100 million.

It"s impossible to say specific amount because of a number of factors. Some of his cars are one-offs, which makes it an overwhelming to guess what they"d market for, worths of rare standard cars space constantly changing, and he"s commonly buying and selling vehicles to prevent the collection from collection dust. In addition, he and his staff typically restore classics, for this reason the expense of potential future restorations is not factored right into the net worth the the dare in his garage.

throughout his upbringing in Massachusetts, Leno occurred an interest in working on cars. The would later on go on come purchase plenty of old dare that essential work, and also he would gain back them as projects.

after Leno retired as hold of the this evening Show, the went ~ above to host a automobile web show put on by NBC that would ultimately end up being Jay Leno’s Garage. On the show, Leno will attribute a particular car, and also then he will certainly test journey it or display it in a really performing manner.

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Jay Leno via everyday Mail
Leno had actually several financial behavior in his early years that offered him well, and also they helped him develop a great financial foundation to build his existing fortune on. Ever due to the fact that his an initial job, Leno started saving, believing the he need to work multiple tasks or collection up multiple earnings streams in stimulate to come to be richer.

A fairly clever relocate was the decision to live on the lesser paychecks while sending out the bigger ones straight to his to save account to keep for a merganser day. This philosophy remained v him into his much more successful years, as pointed out earlier, Leno actually live off stand-up comedy money while conserving his talk show money.

He also never wanted to use credit cards, believing the if he avoided using them that wouldn"t finish up in debt. That exact same principle additionally explains why Leno wouldn"t purchase a residence with mortgage loans, together he want to to buy only once he had actually the complete amount the money conveniently available.

Leno likewise practices what that preaches once it concerns the vast collection the vehicles in his garage, as he never ever took the end a loan for any of his cars; lock were all paid for in full upon acquisition. By act this, Leno not only avoided debt, yet he also avoided having actually to salary interest, an interpretation when his rare and highly sought-after classics increase in value, the revenues are all his.

Jay Leno cars via Motor1
as soon as it pertains to Jay Leno"s garage, not only are a most cars rare and vintage, but many that the cars are worth a minimum of six figures.

Leno at this time has roughly 341 vehicles in his garage, i beg your pardon has more square footage 보다 the average family members home, in fact, it"s more than likely bigger than a lot of deluxe homes. Leno started structure his collection when he an initial learned to drive, and also by now, it has actually grown to a suggest where a wide variety of vehicles are stood for in his garage. Unlike numerous other collectors who focus on one brand or one form of vehicle, Leno"s passion allows him to collect any type of vehicle, do his collection among the most varied in the world.

He has two turbine cars: a 1963 Chrysler Turbine and also a custom-designed Ecojet. Leno own five electric cars, 3 of i beg your pardon date earlier to the early on 1900s.

Not every one of his vehicles are meticulously revitalized either, as Leno additionally modifies his vehicles. One example is his 1914 Detroit Electric, i beg your pardon he gave a more modern feel v Bluetooth and air conditioning. He also has seven heavy steam cars and many organization trucks, in enhancement to 7 race cars and also 14 supercars. He additionally owns a 2006 Pratt and also Miller Corvette, and he enjoys his prized 1972 Citroën SM Sedan of 35 years.



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