Let’s take it A Look at Jay Leno’s Cars

We have actually covered exclusive collections because that years, yet this one renders them all look inferior. That knows more about car than most historians, and also his large Dog Garage is filled v pristine instances from every era. Therefore without additional adieu…

How countless Cars room In Jay Leno’s Collection?

Located beside the Burbank Airport, Jay Leno’s automobile collection has 181 cars and also 160 motorcycles. The precise number fluctuates around these since he routinely buys and also sells to avoid the arsenal from gathering dust. V your help, we will save Jay Leno’s automobile list approximately date.

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How much Is Jay Leno’s arsenal Worth?

Given the present market values, Jay Leno’s vehicle collection is worth over $52 million. This doesn’t take into consideration the future worths of his lot of restorations. His staff of grasp coachbuilders is constantly up to your neck in restoring classics. Not just for Jay, but those who desire their jobs done perfect are additionally on the team’s waiting list.

How much Is Jay Leno Worth?

Mr. Leno has actually repeatedly declared that he has not offered a dollar of what NBC has actually paid him over the decades. Instead, he and also his mam live top top his revenue from standup and also from hosting the world’s best car shows. His schedule is booked year-round v speaking engagements not unlike being the MC in ~ our Boca Raton Concours. Have to he ever want to cash out and retire, Jay Leno’s network worth is $450,000,000. Cram in his collection and the nature would press him previous a half-billion dollars, not a bad method to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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Here is Jay Leno’s auto Collection List

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