When it concerns the good ol’ USA, auto sales have seen a substantial spike in numbers due to increased economic output, boosted transportation infrastructure, and also the on-going industrialization the the world. What’s more, ours sources show that some 74–78 million vehicles space sold roughly the people every year.

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Still, a far-ranging percentage of these vehicles are sold in the united state (more so than anywhere else in the world), where the automotive sector is worth 10s of billions the dollars annually.

This short article will covering the most crucial US auto sales statistics to assist readers acquire a better understanding that the market. Some of the key topics that will be discussed include the number of car sales through model and manufacturer, car sales through state, the variety of yearly auto purchases, the raised prevalence of electrical cars, and more.

So, without more ado, let’s dive directly in!

Car Sales Statistics in the us — Editor’s Choice

In terms of US vehicle sales through model, the Ford F-Series to represent the best-selling US automobile with 896,526 systems sold during 2019.In 2019, some 17 million vehicles were offered in the us alone.Second-hand car sales have actually increased twofold compared to brand-new cars in the US.According to Statista, about 74 million new cars will be marketed in 2020 worldwide.During 2018, a full of 896,007 an individual vehicles were sold in California, which ranks first in regards to US vehicle sales.

Car Sales throughout the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic


25. Approximately 21 million vehicles were sold in China in 2019

Asia accounts for a far-ranging percentage of worldwide car sales. Yet, the biggest share is held by the Chinese market, many thanks to its large population and vast purchasing power.

Source: Statista

Bottom Line

Hopefully, the united state auto sales statistics featured in this article have expanded your understanding of the automobile market in the US and around the globe. Many trends indicate that in the future, the number of gas, petrol, and also diesel-based vehicles will fall considerably, giving way to electrical vehicles. Most manufacturers will stay in business, yet market alters will also favor electric-focused brands such as Tesla and other pertinent competitors, which will be responsible because that a significant percentage that future American cars’ sales.

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