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"So here's what's going to happen: in ~ 24 hours, I'll acquire a call — the head of carrier — and he'll say, 'Mr. President, we've made decision to stay in the joined States. That's what's going to happen. 100 percent."

All that the Trump-O-Meter


In February 2016, transport Corp. Announced it would close an waiting conditioner tree in Indianapolis and also move the jobs to Mexico. Candidate Donald Trump easily said that wouldn't occur on his watch and also in April, made that a certain promise.

Carrier's announcement came on height of a arrangement to close one more plant in Huntington, Ind., which the did close up door down. Trump focused only on the Indianapolis facility. In July 2016, the union and Carrier claimed they had struck a transaction that would keep some jobs, however the number was unclear.

Three weeks ~ winning the election, Trump and also Vice President-elect Mike Pence, the previous governor of Indiana, announced an covenant with Carrier. The company said it would certainly retain manufacturing of gas heating systems at the plant. The state of Indiana would offer the company $7 million in taxes incentives over a decade, and the firm agreed come invest $16 million in the facility.

According to the joined Steelworkers union, around 700 jobs remain at the plant, under from about 1,400 as soon as the plant to be at complete capacity. The numbers room approximate as result of the count of temporary workers and also other factors, but 700 jobs is a sound ballpark figure. That is how many jobs were on the heat by the moment Trump acquired involved.

The state firm that monitor the regards to the taxes break, the Indiana Economic development Corp., shows that the company much more than met the invest goal.

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Carrier states it invest $26 million in a selection of areas, "including including production capabilities for extr product lines."

Some of those invest will bring about fewer line employees in the future, but for right now, the jobs and also the plant remain. We rate this Promise Kept.