Barbie has always sparked controversial discussion over her 58 years in existence: she’s as well skinny, she’s too blonde, she jobs unrealistic expectation of how a woman’s body need to look.

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It’s easy to see why Barbie is for this reason controversial. In a world of over 7 billion people every one of different ethnicities and also races, Barbie has typically been white – representing only 1.3 exchange rate of the world’s population, and it’s famed that she body proportions space just method out for what they room for the average woman.

However, if you move past just just how she looks (an facet which has currently been combined up in recent years)– Barbie is in reality truly inspiring. She to represent something for young girl – and also boys – that’s seldom seen in famous culture: she proves the you have the right to be noþeles you want to be. You have the right to be pretty and smart, you deserve to be a fashion model and a scientist, or a video game developer. Barbie is shattering through the glass ceiling and proving that women and, more importantly, young girls have the right to be every little thing they want to be.

With the news that a live activity Barbie moving hitting Hollywood in the near future, below at silver Swan Recruitment we’re casting a spotlight ~ above the frequently overlooked selection of careers which Barbie’s had over her 58 year in the business.

To it is in exact, she had had a staggering 72 careers in her time, varying from a cheerleader, waitress and hairdresser, to an astronaut, veterinarian, and also even the chairman of the unified States. In fact, over all of her jobs, Barbie will have actually earned an impressive $45,267,107.

Fancy adhering to in Barbie’s job footsteps, have a look in ~ her complete list of work below:


Read on below for additional information on several of Barbie’s details career highlights.



Even in 2019, just 5.18% of the world pilots space female. This method that out of over 100,000 advertising flights that take turn off every day, only 7,500 the these room being flown through women. That’s how poor the gender split for pilots is in today’s age, and also yet Barbie to be a advertising airline pilot earlier in 1990 – the exact same year that the royal Air force lifted its ban on women flying, and also Patrice Washington became the an initial black mrs to fly for the unified Parcel Service. A great year for ladies pilots, the seems.

Not just this, yet in 1990 the mean weekly salary for a full time working woman was $600, which quantities to $31,200. Even when this is analyzed into today’s salaries, the average earnings for an American mrs is highest in between the periods of 55 and 64, when it get $45,188 annually.



Surgeon Barbie was introduced in 1973, as soon as the percent of female operated doctor was much less than 12%. Also today, this number has only reached 30%, and also the American medical Association statistics show that females actually currently constitute just 19% of all surgeons.

In order to come to be a surgeon, you require a bachelor’s degree majoring in some kind of science: biology, wellness science, chemistry, physics, kinesiology, or any other, similar field. After this, you have to enrol in medical school in bespeak to finish a clinical Doctor or doctor of Osteopathic medication degree, prior to then perfect a operation residency. Finally, you have to pursue a licensing and also board certification, together all 50 says in the US call for practicing surgeons to be licensed – understandably.



A how amazing underpaid function considering the quantity of skill and also risk that goes into it, Barbie made she debut as an astronaut in 1965, before reprising the duty in 1986. The keen eyes amongst you will keep in mind that this is actually before the moon landing in 1969. In 2019, only 500 world have trained together astronauts – Barbie was among the first, just two years after Valentine Tereshkova became the first woman in space.

It takes increase to 2 years of cultivate to end up being a totally qualified astronaut, within candidates must find out the basics the the room Shuttle and the International room Station, as well as learn just how to be component of a team by paris the NASA T-38 cultivate jets.

Game Developer


Game developing is a fairly contemporary career path, but it is one that is rapidly enhancing in popularity as an innovation consistently improves and opens up new avenues that opportunity. In 2016, video game Developer was the “Career that the Year”, and Barbie showcased this come young human being all end the world, proving to them that this to be a career the was feasible no issue your age, gender, or popularity.

Game developers room typically affiliated in any and also all aspects of a game’s creation; from the concept and story writing, to the coding and programming, as well as audio, design, production, and visual arts. Typically, to end up being a video game developer you need a bachelor’s level in a computer-related field, as well as a working expertise of programming language. Nice hefty studying, yet worth it for an mean salary the $83,060.

President the the United states of America


The chairman of the USA is, together most civilization know, the head of state and also head of federal government for the united States. Come date, not a solitary woman has ever held this position of strength – other than for Barbie, of course, once again break the glass ceiling. The chairman is viewed as among the world’s most powerful political figures, and they space in charge of the world’s most expensive army – which has the 2nd largest nuclear arsenal – and also they likewise have the duty of appointing federal executive, diplomatic, regulatory, and judicial officers, and also concluding treaties with international powers. For every this responsibility, they acquire paid a chuck $569,000 in total.

Barbie’s CV

With so many careers under her belt, Barbie is certain to have an exceptional looking CV.

Here at silver Swan Recruitment, we recognize how challenging it deserve to be come perfect her CV – which is one of the most essential parts of acquiring a job, so its easy to understand stressful.

Your CV is just one of the very first things the prospective employers and also recruiters will see, and so it needs to was standing out among the crowd. The doesn’t mean, however, that you must put for sure everything you’ve ever completed on her CV, you just need to choose out the essential bits. As means of demonstration, we’ve mocked increase a copy that what Barbie’s CV can look like.


As you can see, her endure all fits on one page, with little sections pointing out her education, volunteer experience, key skills and, that course, her recommendations – Ken was very happy to step up because that this responsibility. It’s visually appealing, and also everything an employer wants to check out is there directly away – lock don’t have to go hunting for it, which, to it is in honest, they will never ever do. They get so plenty of applications, they just don’t need to.

One of the things human being struggle with the many is boasting around themselves, so take a leaf the end of Barbie’s book and also absolutely own every one of your achievements. You will do it be reaping the rewards in no time.

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