This is a an introduction of the conventional rules the the Uno card game. If you are looking for a replacement collection of instructions, an main English or Spanish collection can it is in printed directly from Mattel"s website. If you are trying to find the rules because that a one-of-a-kind Wild card the is distinct to every deck that Uno cards, you might find that on the ever-growing distinctive Wild map Rules page. Once you are acquainted with the basic, old-school rules of Uno, inspect out our Uno Gameplay Variations to shake things up.

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Contents of one Uno Deck

A standard deck of Uno cards consists of 108 cards:

25 cards that each shade (red, blue, green, and also yellow)19 number cards (1 zero and also 2 each of one v nine)2 attract 2 cards2 turning back cards2 Skip cards4 Wild cards4 Wild attract 4 cards

Themed Uno decks have an additional 4 distinct Wild cards, pass the complete cards in the deck to 112 cards. Because that the more recent Uno sets, 2 of these 4 distinctive Wild cards are Wild Customizable Cards that allow the football player to compose in their very own effects. If friend need principles for these Wild Customizable Cards, look through this perform of distinct Wild card rules.

Object that the Game

Be the first player to get to 500 points. As soon as a player discards all of their cards, she collection points for every one of the cards in your opponents" hands. Alternately, players have the right to tally the points because that cards in their very own hands and the winner is the human with the fewest points as soon as one player reaches 500 points.


Each player is dealt 7 cards. The unused cards are placed face-down as the draw pile and also the peak card is flipped face-up alongside the attract pile to kind the discard pile.

How to Play Uno

Play begins with the human being left the the dealer and continues in a clockwise direction. If the map flipped end to type the discard heap is an activity Card, that activity is applied to the an initial player (i.e. Skipped rotate for a skip card, pick the shade of play for a Wild card, etc.). If the first card is a Wild draw 4 card, that is went back to the deck and another map is flipped over.

On a player"s turn, the player may play a map from your hand to the discard pile if the map either matches the shade or the prize of the map on height of the discard pile (i.e. A red card on a red card; a skip card on a skip card, etc.). A player may likewise play a Wild card on top of any type of card and may play a Wild draw 4 map on any kind of card in restricted circumstances (see action Cards below).

If a player can not play a map or chooses not to beat a card, she must draw a map from the draw pile. If the card is playable, the player might play the card immediately, but may not play any other map in their hand. If the draw pile is depleted, the discard heap (except the height card) is shuffled and also becomes the new draw pile.

When a player plays their second to critical card, he must yell "Uno" to show that the only has one map left. If the forgets come yell "Uno" and also is caught prior to the next player begins their turn, he must attract two cards indigenous the attract pile.

When a player plays their last card, the round is over. If the last map is a draw 2 card or a Wild draw 4 card, the following player tho draws the corresponding variety of cards.

Action Cards


Draw 2 Card: The following player must attract two cards and forfeit their turn.


Reverse Card: The direction of beat is reversed.

In the at an early stage 2000s, the main rules of Uno detailed that in a 2 player game, a reverse map acted together a Skip Card. This dominance was removed from later Uno instruction manuals and it is no clear whether it is still officially supported.


Skip Card: The next player misses their turn.


Wild Card: The player that plays this card chooses any kind of color of beat (including the current color).


Wild draw 4 Card: The player who plays this card chooses any type of color the play, add to the next player must draw four cards and also miss their turn. This card have the right to only be played once the player does no have any type of color the card that matches the discard heap (matching numbers or activity cards are okay). If the player who is drawing four cards believes the map was play illegally, he may difficulty the player who played the card. The tested player must show the other player your cards. If the challenged player play the Wild draw 4 map illegally, he must draw the four cards rather of the player who tested him. If the challenged player played the card correctly, the challenger must draw six cards rather of four.


Other Wild Card: virtually all themed Uno decks come through a set of 4 Wild cards the are distinct to that deck. This Wild cards will have a distinct effect (e.g. Attract until you obtain a red card, choose any player to attract 3 cards, etc.) and also then let the human who played it select the new color the play. Many of these distinct wild map rules can be discovered here. If friend can"t find the rules for your certain Wild card, you have the right to remove the one-of-a-kind Wild cards to create a standard 108 map Uno deck, treat these distinct Wild cards as typical Wild cards, or pick any unique Wild card rule to use once this map is played.

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Number cards (0-9): confront valueDraw 2: 20 pointsReverse: 20 pointsSkip: 20 pointsWild: 50 pointsWild draw 4: 50 points

Stacking draw Cards and also Other house Rules

Stacking attract cards is not enabled under the main rules that Uno. However, if everyone in your group is ready to change the rules, feel complimentary to add in some house Rules, including Stacking attract 2 and also Draw 4 cards.