The favorite choice for the ax "Bagels" is 1 continual Bagelwhich has actually about 50 grams of carbohydrate.The full carbohyrate, sugar, fiber and estimated net carbohydrate (non-fiber carbs) because that a variety of species and serving size of Bagels is displayed below.

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1 mini12.531.310.613.13 1 small33.343.481.534.84 1 medium50.725.302.353.02 1 large63.266.622.966.16

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel47.135.322.049.13
Egg Bagel53.25-2.455.65
Multigrain Bagel47.383.417.755.08
Oat Bran Bagel52.161.713.855.96
Onion Bagel51.205.942.553.70
Poppy seed Bagel49.975.482.552.47
Pumpernickel Bagel56.531.655.061.53
Sesame Bagel49.975.212.552.47
Wheat Bagel56.731.904.661.33
100% whole Wheat Bagel49.412.049.859.21
continual with Raisins Bagel55.566.282.457.96
constant with Fruit Bagel55.026.262.357.32

level Bagel53.945.762.656.54
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel47.125.342.149.22
Multigrain Bagel47.073.397.654.67
Oat Bran Bagel51.741.703.855.54
Pumpernickel Bagel57.151.665.062.15
Wheat Bagel57.251.924.761.95
100% whole Wheat Bagel49.922.069.959.82
constant with Raisins Bagel56.216.372.558.71
regular with Fruit Bagel54.496.212.456.89

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