Erin andrew is a mrs of countless talents. Though she day job consists of reporting from the sidelines of major sporting events, after hrs she’s stepped right into a more sparkly position, hosting the hugely well-known reality TV show Dancing v the Stars in oneshow-stopping gown ~ the next, (and chronicling the entire process every Monday specifically for audioeditorfree.comStyle). However on Monday she revealed she’s about to take on however another function of a lifetime, showing off her brand-new engagement ring from fiancé Jarret Stoll – climate on Thursday she followed up through the sweet shot indigenous the “magical evening” the proposed at Disneyland’s exclusive society 33.

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The DWTS hold was accosted through paparazzi if landing at the L.A. Airport, and also it was difficult for the to miss that gigantic ring (which appears to be a big cushion-cut stone on a slender band) on her left hand. After playing coy the an initial time the photographer request her about the new jewelry, the Fox sports reporter finally evidenced that, yes, she and her expert hockey player boyfriend are set to wed. She included that, while she’s not prepared to comment on the details of his proposal and also they have no wedding plans therefore far, she wouldn’t be opposed to the totality affair being catered through Dunkin’ Donuts.

Erin andrew Officially Confirms Engagement come Jarret Stoll together she arrives at LAX airplane in Los Angeles, CA


Of course, this notice comes warm on the heels the a entirety lot of ideas from Andrews, starting when ~ above Thursday she mutual a picture of the weather report in ~ the NFL video game she to be going come work, captioning it, “This weather in ~ Lambeau is yes, really going to placed a damper on mine ring game,” and tagging her friend Stoll.

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She also fueled rumors ~ above Twitter the exact same day, sending hearts and also kissy challenge emojis to friends tweeting come ask if the news to be true:

And finally, her former DWTS partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy much more or less spilled the beans on Friday during an figure on FOX 5 TV in las Vegas where he said, “I had actually an amazing time through Erin Andrews, who I think probably just got engaged and also maybe I’m breaking the news, I’m not sure. She likewise kinda, maybe damaged the news of united state being pregnant, so probably that’s return the favor end here.” A indigenous of advice come Andrews together she progresses with her wedding work plans: if you desire to keep a nuptial secret, Chmerkovskiy’s more than likely not your man.

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