Engagement rings are regularly one of the best ticket items purchased by your partner in their lifetime – with countless saving up months and months of salary to splurge top top a couple of carats for their spouse-to-be.

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However, this celebrity partners have taken points to a whole new level, dropping (literally) millions top top a diamond to lock in their equally well known girlfriends. Right here we run through the biggest and also most high value celebrity engagement rings.

Demi Lovato was proposed to by her friend Max Ehrich ~ above the beach, with a friend secretly recording photos the the moment for the couple. Stating “I knew ns loved friend the moment I met you,” Lovato is now sporting a enormous rock on her ring finger. Rumour has it, Demi Lovato’s engagement ring is a lining 12 carat diamond in one Emerald cut with 2 flanker diamonds on one of two people side.

Kanye West proposed audioeditorfree.come Kim Kardashian v this large engagement ring by Lorraine Schwartz. The diamond alone is 15-carats and costs between $2 million and also $4 million.



Designed by Lorraine Schwartz, Beyonce has a mahoosive 24-carat emerald-cut diamond engagement ring through a separation shank setting. Jay Z clearly had audioeditorfree.come fork the end for this sparkler, v the ring estimated to have cost around $5 million.


Prince wilhelm proposed audioeditorfree.come Kate Middleton with a imperial heirloom – his mother, Princess Diana’s iconic sapphire and diamond engagement ring designed by Garrard. The ring itself is about 12 carats and is worth roughly $500,000.

Prince Harry took the romantic route with the ring he proposed audioeditorfree.come Meghan Markle with. Working through jeweller Cleave & firm to style a ring about a cushion-cut centre rock from Botswana (a special ar for the couple) and also two smaller sized diamonds taken indigenous a brooch own by Princess Diana.

Just a casual 12-carat oval diamond ring indigenous Ryan Reynolds is what Blake Lively sports on she ring finger each and also every day. Draft by Lorraine Schwartz, this pink diamond is approximated just end $2 million.

Nick Jonas famously close up door down whole Tiffany & Co. Save to discover the perfect engagement ring for Priyanka Chopra. The cushion-cut diamond ring featuring baguette diamonds on either side appears to be about 5 carats and also is rumoured to cost approximately $150,000.

Joe Jonas proposed audioeditorfree.come his ‘Game the Thrones’ girlfriend, Sophie Turner, v a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring sitting pretty with simply over 3 carats. There appear to it is in a couple of questions around the price of this sparkler, v price estimates in between $20,000 and also $58,000.

Baseball player Alex Rodriguez proposed audioeditorfree.come J-Lo ~ above the beach with an emerald-cut solitaire engagement ring that is about 15 carats and is said to cost at least $1 million.

Tennis champion Serena William’s to be proposed audioeditorfree.come by Alexis Ohanian (the co-founder of Reddit) through a 12 carat emerald-cut diamond valued at around $2 million.

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George Clooney proposed to his person rights lawyer-extraordinaire through a 7 carat emerald reduced engagement ring by Jacob Arabo that Jacob & Co. The engagement ring is predicted to cost around $750,000.