Average variety of car accidents in the .U.S. Yearly is 6 million.More 보다 90 world die in car crashes everyday.3 million world in the U.S. Are injured every year in car accidents.Around 2 million vehicle drivers in car accidents experience permanent injuries every year.1 in 7 human being do no wear a seatbelt if driving.Seatbelts alleviate the hazard of death by 45%.Seatbelts cut the risk of serious injury by 50%.People no wearing a seatbelt room 30 times an ext likely to it is in ejected native the auto during a crash.

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Each day, an ext than 9 civilization are killed as result of distracted driving.More than 1060 world are injured in crashes the involve a distracted driver.1 the end of 3 civilization text while driving.You are 23 times an ext likely to crash while text massage while driving.Distraction to be reported as a aspect in almost 1 in 5 crashes in which someone to be injured.40% of every American teens say the they have remained in a auto when the driver provided a cell phone in a way that put civilization in danger.Driving while using a cell phone reduces the amount of brain activity connected with control by 37%.Sending or receiving a text takes a driver’s eye from the road for an median of 4.6 seconds, the identical of driving the length of an entire football field blind.
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