hi audioeditorfree.comters......i have actually see people putting candle of there age.....suppose among my relative had put 30 candle in and around the cake on his 30th birthday.....so i simply wanted to recognize how many candles do you put on your birthday cake???????????

Hi, as soon as putting candles on a cake we commonly the same amount of candles as the person"s age. Though we perform put one extra candle on..."To flourish On". :) but if the person doesn"t desire candles that"s an additional story! :)

I walk not have actually a cake during my critical birthday. Yet if ever before I will planning to gain one, ns will just buy the numeric candle so the my cake won"t be surrounded by countless candles. I don"t hide mine age. I am proud the it.

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Actually, i haven"t had a birthday cake in so long that i cannot remember. If ns did have one, ns wouldn"t care. People could placed all 38 candle on it. Ns would simply be so thrilled to have a cake. Mine favorite kind of cake is the ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. Ns think i am walk to walk there Monday and see if lock have any kind of cakes on clearance leftover indigenous Father"s Day.A friend of mine just turned 49. We put all 49 candles on the cake. Assumed we to be going to have actually to gain a fire extinguisher there for a minute. LOL
that"s yes, really nice.......yes i think you will need a fire extingwisher.....actually the same thing happened with mine friend.....we had put 22 candles on his cake and also you understand what occurred the icing on his cake started to melt indigenous the warm of the burn candles.......heheheand wish her friend happy date of birth from mine side....
I prefer to just put one candle since they will burn quick, ns odn"t want the wax melts top top the cake, ns think one candle deserve to represent everything, song birthday song, do a wishthen punch the candle :-) I supplied to choose to put numbers the candle top top it follow to just how old us are transforming to be hehe.
Well yes i recently celebrated my birthday and my friend got me a cake......i turn 22 years old now yet then that realized that the candle crate that he acquired had only 20 candles......so castle put just 20 candles, ns am happy they made me 2 years younger....but this was the best birthday i ever had......it to be to cool......

The cake fashion now in my nation is to put candles shaped favor numbers. If you room celebrating your gold year, climate you placed 50 ~ above the cake. However ain"t it every the more fun if us light up 50 small candles? You blow the cake longer and the photographers gain to shoot various angles. Afterwards you can choose what shots to placed in your album.
I can"t say. I haven"t had a birthday cake to placed candles top top in forever. Us usually simply go to dinner. Guess: v I need to ask because that cake. Nope, that"s negative for the diet.

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I don"t placed candles on my birthday cake...it"s the cake giver that does that but every year ns am provided just ONE candle on my cake. I guess it"s reason it"s a lot easier for me to blow it off. Lol
I think that is just for youngsters as castle really enjoy seeing how numerous candles there are on the cake. Because that the grown-ups, 1 candle is commonly the good idea since we tend not to expose our true age to rather that easily and also having tens of candle on the cake should be quite a problem.