Beer often gets a poor rep because that being fattening, regardless of the fact that that is actually equivalent in calories to various other alcoholic beverages. But enjoying a brew doesn’t mean having to be cautious of calories. There space plenty that beers the end there aimed in ~ those watching their waistline, and also they aren’t necessarily non alcohol addict or with a an extremely low abv.

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It’s true that in general the lower the abv, the under the potential calories. Yet it doesn’t mean you only have to select low and no-abv offer to retain her virtue. In fact, there’s never been a far better time to dive into the reduced calorie/light beer market.

With consumers an ext health aware than ever, manufacturers are working come become more transparent than ever before when it pertains to the nutritional value of their products. In September last year members of sector body Brewers the Europe pledged to add an ingredient list and calorie counting on every beer bottles and cans by 2022. Tennent’s became the an initial alcoholic product in the UK and also Ireland to display calorie details on the packaging in 2016.

Pernod Ricard cursed to giving a web attach to nutritional details on the brand of every one of its strategic brand in 2017, following a report by the EU the supervisory board inviting the profession to devise its own calorie labelling strategy. Diageo and abdominal muscle InBev have made comparable pledges, providing nutritional info on a voluntary basis with a combination of online information and also on-pack labelling.

For the purposes of this round-up we have had only beers the 3% abv and also higher. The tendency, however, is for many low calorie brews to be lagers, which generally have a reduced ABV. However that would certainly make because that a an extremely dull an option indeed. So in this list we have additionally included other layouts representative that their group as few of the lowest calorie brews ~ above the market.

NB: every nutritional info is as comparable as possible, based upon the information provided by every brewer. A 12oz conventional US can amounts to 354ml, i beg your pardon is comparable to a 330ml bottle, a much more common measure in the UK.

Watch our fast rundown of five of the the very least fattening beers in the world right here: 

Click with to find out the calorific content of several of the world’s the very least fattening brews…

10. Guinness Draught

ABV: 4.2%Calories: 125 every 12ozStyle: StoutBrand owner: Diageo

Guinness is commonly perceived together being greater in calories than a most beers, perhaps because of its creamy top and also rich flavour, yet it is actually no much more calorific than countless lighter beers, and in many situations less so. Its dark colour and sweetness come from little amounts of roasted barley, while the creamy texture outcomes from its use of CO2 and nitrogen in that carbonation, compared with common beers that only use carbon dioxide. Nitrogen balloon are smaller sized than CO2 bubbles, causing a smoother mouthfeel. It carries simply 125 calories per 12oz serving. That’s approximately 210 every pint.

9. Kona light Blonde Ale

ABV: 4.2%Calories: 99 per 12ozStyle: American Pale AleBrewer: Kona impending Co.

Hailing from the far off shores of Hawaii, the Kona Kanaha blonde ale has just 99 calories every 12oz serving, with a “crisp, dry flavour” fan to its ingredient of Millennium, Mosaic and Amarillo hops. Kona Brewing firm was started by father and son team Cameron Healy and also Spoon Khalsa in 1994. Today, their large Island brewery has become home of among the best-selling craft beer brands in the world.

8. Yuengling irradiate Lager

ABV: 3.8%Calories: 99 every 12ozStyle: LagerBrand owner: Yuengling

Brewed because 2001, Yeungling’s irradiate lager is made through a combination of Cascade and also Cluster hops, and has been brewed come mimic the brewer’s flagship lager brand, Yuengling, which is America’s earliest brewery. Now likewise one the America’s biggest brewers, that was founded by David G. Yuengling in Pottsville, Pennsylvania in 1829, originally as the Eagle Brewery. It adjusted its surname to D.G Yuengling and Son in 1873.

7. Lagunitas DayTime

ABV: 4%Calories: 98 per 12ozStyle: American IPABrand owner: The Lagunitas brewing Company, a subsidiary of Heineken International.

The Lagunitas brand was started in California in 1993 by residence brewer Tony Magee. In 2015 Heineken purchase a 50% stake in the company. Then, in 2017, the agency acquired the staying 50% stake v Magee continuing to be its executive, management chairman. The DayTime session IPA is a permanent brew in that is portfolio, and also one that the lightest handmade brews on the global market.

Upping the ante in that is non-alcoholic ambitions, in 2018 the brewer launched a non-alcoholic sparkling water motivated by that flagship IPA beer. Named “Hop Water”, the brand-new beverage includes no alcohol, no calories, and also zero carbohydrates, and is make with Citra, Equinox, and Centennial hops.

6. Miller Lite

ABV: 4.2%Calories: 96 every 12ozStyle: PilsnerProducer: Molson Coors

Miller Lite, also known together Lite, lays case to gift the initial ‘light’ beer brand, conceived by Frederick miller in 1975, and was one of the first mainstream irradiate beers.

The 4.2% abv pilsner, which comes in at just 96 calories a bottle, was first developed in 1967 by Joseph L. Owades, a biochemist functioning for brand-new York’s Rheingold Brewery. His cooking recipes was provided to one of Miller’s rivals, Chicago’s Meister Brau, which subsequently introduced the Meister Brau “Lite”. Meister Brau later on sold its labels to miller in 1972, with the recipe relaunched together “Lite” and also later rebranded in 1998 as “Miller Lite.”

5. Dogfish Head Slighty Mighty IPA

ABV: 4%Calories: 95 per 12ozStyle: IPABrand owner: Dogfish Head Brewery, Delaware

Dogfish Head’s Slighty Mighty IPA is the an outcome of 12 month research and development, complied with by “months of good tuning” to create a beer that “has all the personality of a civilization class IPA, but with only 95 calories”. The team used monk fruit in the beer’s production, a Chinese delicacy that is sweeter 보다 sugar every ounce and also boosts the body and also complexity of the beer, however with no calories.

“Most irradiate beers space watery and lack body, however with contempt Mighty, the monk fruit essentially acts together the beer’s skeleton, on i m sorry mighty hop muscle and flavor deserve to be built,” its devices say. “It allows us to reduce the malt bill and avoid any type of unnecessary unfermentable sugars, and also consequently supply a beer the is lower in calories and also carbs, and perfectly balanced.”

The resulting beer is said to exude note of pineapple, coconut, mango and also citrus.

4. Moosehead Cracked Canoe

ABV: 3.5%Calories: 90 per 341ml bottleStyle: LagerBrand owner: Moosehead Brewers (Canada)

Canadian brewer Moosehead created its ultra irradiate Cracked Canoe lager for those that “refuse to damage their energetic lifestyle or your love of great beer”. Although i m so sad it only shows up to be easily accessible in Canada.

Based in new Brunswick, last year the brewery donated $25,000 to rise the elevation of the province’s ‘Mac the Moose’ in order to regain its title together the ‘world’s biggest moose’, a crown it lost to a Norwegian contender in 2015. At a height of 9.8 metres, Mac was as soon as the world’s largest moose, however lost his crown when Norway set up Storelgen, that surpassed him by 30 centimetres.

3. Gen!us

ABV: 3%Calories: 79 per 330mlStyle: LagerBrand owner: british brewer Gen!us

Last year brothers brewer Gen!us released a light beer aimed in ~ those looking come drink ‘smarter’. Make with pilsner malts and three hop varieties, Gen!us craft lager comes in at 79 calorie a can, i m sorry is additionally exactly one unit, helping world to save track of your drinking an ext easily.

The light beer is accessible in choose UK bars but likewise online in ~ £1.99 every can.

2. Michelob Ultra

ABV: 3.5%Calories: 73 every 330mlStyle: LagerBrand owner: ab InBev

An ultra irradiate beer, the Michelob brand was arisen in 1896 as a “draught beer for connoisseurs”. Still going strong, the brand has sculpted an developed niche through those searching for a lighter beer, thanks in component to large budget marketing campaigns (including the 2018 Super Bowl), which have actually seen it further push its short calorie messaging.

Previous high-profile gibbs to appear in that is adverts include Zoe Kravitz and also Chris Pratt, while that has additionally secured sponsorships through sporting activities including the world Surf League, Virgin Sport and also the Ryder Cup.

1. Tennents Light

ABV: 3.5%Calories: 66 per 330mlStyle: LagerBrand owner: C&C Group

The lightest the the light, previously this year C&C Group-owned beer brand Tennent’s released a new lager containing roughly the same amount of calories as a short ABV or alcohol-free beer. Tennent’s Light has actually an ABV the 3.5% and also contains simply 20 calories every 100ml, equating to 66 calories per 330ml bottle.

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For comparison, a continuous Tennent’s lager consists of 30 calories every 100ml, while a usual alcohol-free or 0.5% ABV beer contains in between 16 and also 20 calories per 100ml. The launched exclusively in the on-trade in ~ sites in Scotland, and also will be easily accessible both top top draught and in bottle.

Other honourable mentions

Coors irradiate (4.2%) 102 caloriesAmstel irradiate (4%) 95 caloriesCarlsberg Lite (4%) 102 caloriesBud irradiate (4.2%) 103 caloriesAnheuser-Busch natural Light (4.2%) 95 caloriesHeineken irradiate (4.2%) 97 caloriesCorona light (3.7%) 99 caloriesSleeman light (4%) 90 caloriesBusch irradiate (4.1%) 91 caloriesLabatt Premier (4%) 92 calories