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The product is plainly aimed at health-conscious customers. George/Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA

Coca-Cola Life is sweetened with a combination of sugar and stevia – a natural sweetener – and is clearly targeted at civilization with concerns around the results of man-made sweeteners. Coke’s UK marketing director, Bobby Brittain, has been quoted together saying:

We know exactly who our Coke Life will certainly appeal to. That 20 and also 30-somethings that have started to realise they’re not fully immortal and also that castle do have actually a sense of responsibility around what lock consume.

Natural sweetener

Stevia is one extract that the plant varieties Stevia rebaudiana. The shrub is indigenous to Paraguay and South American tribes have used it together a sweetener because that centuries. It has been offered in Japan due to the fact that the 1970s, when a technique for producing the commercial product stevioside was developed.

As well as being being in between 250 and 300 times sweeter 보다 sugar, stevioside (like the stevia sheet itself) has no calories and also doesn’t progressive blood sugar, so it can additionally be spend by diabetics.

While stevia is safe to consume, nutritionists have noted that just removing some sugar and replacing it through stevia doesn’t make a drink (or food) healthy. Coca-Cola Life still contains colouring, caffeine, phosphoric acid and also 19% of ours recommended daily sugar intake.

In fact, a cola drink through a couple of less calories may be part of the problem rather than the answer come reducing our waistlines. Civilization tend to consume greater quantities of foods items they think to it is in healthy, and seeing a food promoted as healthy can lead civilization to eat more calories.

Good citizenship

This latest relocate by The Coca Cola firm follows its development of “portion control” alternatives – smaller sized cans of your full-sugar beverages – and reflects a commitment made by a team of American companies to mitigate calories indigenous soft drinks by introducing and promoting lower-calorie beverages.

But, ultimately, many of this decisions are most likely being make to increase the wellness of the companies’ earnings rather than the health and wellness of their customers. A look in ~ The Coca Cola that company 2013 financial outcomes shows earnings from continual soft drinks are declining and sales the “healthier” choices are increasing.

The 2 existing diet colas linked account for 32% of cola sales, and sales of mini-cans prospered 70% in 2013. Reflecting the increasing health and wellness consciousness that consumers, in the same duration sales of mountain Franklin water grew by 9% and Pump water through 10%.

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Perhaps the many genuine choice for this and also other such providers would be to cut ago on the production and also marketing of sweetened soft drinks and also focus top top selling assets that room actually an excellent for consumers.