Vodka Soda cooking recipes – a classic easy to make cocktail that supplies La Croix soda water, vodka and a twisted of lime. Crisp, refreshing and also delicious.

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Classic cocktails are a must to know just how to make. When I am the end at a restaurant or bar I know what come order, yet I nearly never think to do them at home. A vodka cranberry is a perfect example. A bar staple, but how frequently do you do it at home?

Most of the moment at home, I open up a bottle of wine, but practically never whip increase a cocktail. Probably if i am to the end of a party of wine I could make a red wine spritzer. But that is sort of the level of it. I love producing cocktails for the blog, however I have to make them much more often just to enjoy! as well as a classic Lime Margarita – the is a clip for taco night!


What is Vodka Soda

This is a standard drink the is usually 1 part vodka to 2-4 parts of club soda. It counts on how strong you prefer your drink just how much club soda girlfriend use. That is regularly garnished with a lime wedge. I like to order and also extra lime to squeeze in just a tiny bit more flavor.

Vodka Soda Calories

How plenty of calories room in a vodka soda is a typical question. It often tends to it is in something civilization order when they room trying come eat far better or walk low carb. The great news, is the just calories come indigenous the vodka! depending on the brand that means about 60-85 calories a serving! Not poor for a cocktail right!

How plenty of carbs space in a vodka and also soda is another question ns hear a lot. The prize is zero. For this reason if you space doing the low carb thing, this is because that you! Vodka is pretty low in calories and also has zero carbs. So the is a an excellent mixer once you are trying to cut ago on calorie or carbs.


A vodka and soda is a super an easy cocktail to make, and since La Croix is super famous right now you can also mix up the odor a bunch of various ways. Berry soda with a twist of lime is my favorite version. But you could use lime soda if the is her favorite. Or grapefruit or among the other million flavors they have actually out there now.

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Some drinks make a huge pitcher that are really great for parties prefer this basic Sangria Recipe. Yet this Vodka Soda recipe is an excellent for simply 1 or 2 glasses. So friend don’t have a whole house full of world to reap it. I need to thank my friend Cathy indigenous Lemon Tree apartment for presenting me to this drink. She made them for us when we to be up in Breckenridge because that a weekend.


So this weekend, an episode of your bottle of alcohol or deserve to of beer habit and shot a vodka and soda. Simply 2 ingredients and also a wedge the lime is every you need. The lime gives it it simply a tiny extra flavor. Yet if girlfriend don’t have one, that is ok. A lime or orange would be an excellent too!