Fully cooked and also smoked over real hickory chips, the authentic odor of Jones Canadian Bacon is simply as great in a recipe as it is ~ above its very own - directly from the package! Plus, it"s loaded with 10 grams of protein every serving and is 97 percent fat free. No wonder it"s America"s #1 Canadian Bacon.

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Enjoy Jones CanadianBacon Every day of the Week

There"s nothing much better than a huge breakfast v a side of Canadian Bacon, but did you recognize Jones is additionally perfect because that a liven weekday? It"s totally cooked, for this reason you deserve to eat the without having to heat it. Or, friend could try it in a grab-and-go recipe, like these irresistible Caprese Breakfast Sandwiches.Get the Recipe
Preheat griddle come 325°F. Cook Canadian bacon slices for 1 minute, turning slices at least once when cooking.
Ammount/Serving % day-to-day Value *
offer Size: 3 Slices (51g)
Servings every Container: 3
Calories: 60 calories from Fat: 15
complete Fat: 1.5g 2%
saturated Fat: 0.5g 3%
infectious diseases worldwide Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 30mg 10%
Sodium: 460mg 19%
complete Carbohydrates: 1g 0%
diet Fiber: 0g 0%
Sugars: * Percentages based upon a 2,000 calorie diet. Your day-to-day values may be greater or lower depending upon your calorie needs.

more about gluten cost-free
sheathe Canadian bacon slices tightly after ~ opening. Use within 7 days. If freezing, store frozen for no an ext than 3 months. Thaw under refrigeration.
Cured with water, potassium lactate, salt, sugar, herbal flavor, salt diacetate, salt phosphates, salt ascorbate, salt nitrite​

We want you to love every Jones product that you buy. If you’re not fully satisfied, just tell us why and we’ll offer you a complete refund.

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