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Even a standard sushi roll have the right to be a healthy treat there is no breaking the calorie bank, as long as it no contain any fried ingredients. In fact, many sushi is low-fat and low-calorie!The large problem is covert calories in numerous Western execution of sushi, like shrimp tempura rolls and rainbow rolls. These space jam-packed through fatty ingredients and lots of sauce that add to the full calorie count.So if you want to consume fewer calories, the finest option is sashimi, or sushi with vegetables, brown rice (which you i will not ~ often uncover in restaurants), and healthy fish. Skip noþeles fried or loaded with sauce.

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Calorie counts because that the most famous sushi rolls

There’s absolutely a the majority of difference in between a traditional roll and an American invention. This do me wonder: which space the healthier episode rolls and should ns be on the lookout for sushi calories?I’ve provided the most famous sushi rolls right here (from the highest variety of calories to the lowest) so friend can come to be an expert in sushi calories too.The reality hurts when it involves high-calorie rolls. But sometimes, a pretty sushi role is precious it, so don’t think you must never indulge. I added the % the your everyday calorie intake (or weight Watchers clever Points if you’re right into that) below for each role so you have the right to actually check out what you’re eating.These calorie counts are for 6-piece episode rolls, which you’ll mostly gain when ordering:Sushi rollCalorie count% that calorie intakeWeight Watchers smart PointsShrimp tempura roll50825.4%19Dragon roll50725.3%19Rainbow roll47623.7%15Eel avocado roll37218.6%14Caterpillar roll32916.45%10Philadelphia roll32016%11Spider roll31715.8%12Salmon avocado roll30415.2%10Spicy tuna roll29014.4%9California roll22511.25%8Tuna roll1849.2%4Avocado roll1407%6Cucumber roll1357%6Salmon sashimi35 per piece2%1Tuna sashimi31 every piece1.5%0
Calorie counting (per roll of 6 pieces)Percent that recommended everyday calorie input (female) based on 2000 calories/dayDid you suppose the shrimp tempura role (one that the most beloved sushi varieties) to it is in so unhealthy?

Sushi roll calories explained

Shrimp tempura role (508 calories)


The shrimp tempura roll has the most calories due to the fact that the shrimp is breaded and also fried, offering a crunchy, delicious taste come the shrimp. It consists of 508 calories, 21 grams the fat, 64 carbohydrates, and 20 grams of protein.While this sushi has the many calories, the many adventurous sushi lovers will absolutely order it. There’s no doubt it’s one of the tastiest episode rolls. 

Dragon role ( 507 calories)

The dragon role is packed with tasty ingredients, however it’s fatty and also high in calories. It has 507 calories, 18 grams of fat, 10 grams the protein, and also 66 grams of carbohydrates. This roll contains delicious tempura shrimp, eel, cucumber, avocado, and also tasty roe. However it’s spanned in a special (and unhealthy) sauce. 

Rainbow role (476 calories)


For those who want a little of everything, the rainbow roll is the one come look for. It consists of 476 calories, 16 grams that fat, 50 grams that carbs, and 33 grams the protein.This sushi role is classified as one of the most varied and also protein-packed rolls due to the fact that of the different types of fish ~ above top. And also while the high in calories, the a colorful and flavorful meal.

Eel avocado roll (372 calories)


Eel is chewy and one that sushi’s many fatty fish. The eel avocado roll has 372 calories, 17 grams of fat, 31 grams the carbohydrates, and 20 grams of protein.This role is packed v protein, and also although it is a good thing, it demands a sophisticated sushi palate due to the fact that its taste no appealing to everyone.

Caterpillar role (329 calories)


The caterpillar roll acquired its name from the avocado slices that topped with. It has 329 calories, 5 grams of fat, 60 grams of carbohydrates, and 9 grams that protein.This role generally includes eel, tobiko (fish roe), and also cucumber in enhancement to the avocado.

Philadelphia roll (320 calories)

You’ll find salmon and also cream cheese in the Philadelphia roll, do it among the an ext calorie-laden episode rolls. It has actually 320 calories, 8 grams that fat, 32 grams of carbohydrates, and 8 grams the protein.If you prefer the taste that cream cheese v seafood, the a nice comfort role to order.

Spider role (317 calories)

The spider roll consists mainly of quit crab, which adds flavor and calories come a role that’s otherwise pretty basic. It has actually 317 calories, 12 grams of fat, 38 grams that carbohydrates, and also a protein content of 13 grams.The fried crab adds fat, yet it’s still a very famous and delicious roll.

Salmon avocado roll (304 calories)

The salmon avocado roll has “health advantages” written all over it. There room 304 calorie in this episode roll, 8.4 grams that fat, 42 grams of carbohydrates, and 13 grams of protein.Since it’s full of omega 3s and great fats, the fantastic!Also read: these episode rolls are great to eat if you’re searching for some there is no avocado

Spicy tuna role (290 calories)

The spicy tuna roll has more pizzazz and spice 보다 the traditional tuna roll. It contains 290 calories, 11 grams of fat, 26 grams of carbohydrates, 24 grams of protein.The delicious “spiciness” originates from the use of mayonnaise (which contributes come the calorie count), hot sauce, and also green onions.

California role (225 calories)

The California roll is among those standards everyone loves. It has actually 225 calories, 7 grams the fat, 28 grams the carbohydrates, and also 9 grams of protein.It’s the right roll for beginners making sushi for the very first time. It’s additionally a nice irradiate meal.

Tuna role (184 calories)

With the included protein, the tuna roll is quiet pretty simple. It has 184 calories, 2 g of fat, 27 g that carbohydrates, and 24 g of protein.This roll is terrific choice with light fish there is no the “spicy” tuna element.

Avocado role (140 calories)

The avocado episode roll includes the smallest amount of calories, together it’s among the most straightforward ones to order. There room 140 calories in an avocado roll, 5.7 grams that fat, 28 grams the carbohydrates, and also 2.1 grams of protein.This role is light and perfect for those who don’t reap fish. It’s likewise vegetarian and also vegan-friendly, so you can’t go wrong through it! Also read: sushi, a beginner guide

Cucumber roll (135 calories)

The cucumber roll is the healthiest an option when it pertains to watching calories. Relying on how plenty of pieces the restaurant cut them into, they’ll it is in 16 come 22 calories each, i m sorry comes down to 135 calories in a roll.It’s basically just some piece of cucumber in rice sheathe in seaweed, with just a little sushi vinegar come season the rice.I think everyone on a diet should at the very least order a roll of these as soon as going to a restaurant!

Salmon sashimi (35 calories)

Salmon sashimi is healthy and also the perfect low-calorie option. It has actually the shortest calorie count on this list however it’s no maki sushi so yes sir no rice.One oz of raw salmon has around 25-40 calories. I’m not calculating the calories every roll, but rather calories every piece because it’s offered in pieces. For this reason a item of sashimi usually contains about 40-50 calories and also 20 grams the protein.It’s a great source the Omega 3 fat acids, and also all the B vitamins!

Tuna sashimi (31 calories)

 This rice-free life tuna sashimi likewise has among the shortest calorie counts on the sushi menu. It has about 31 calories every serving (per piece).Tuna is likewise a really low-fat fish, so a serving consists of only 0.1 grams of fat and also 11 mg the cholesterol. 

Where perform the calorie come from?

Nori, rice, veggies, fish; it seems choose this is all relatively healthy. So where carry out the calories come from? i m sorry ingredients are healthy and also which room unhealthy?White riceWhite rice is her number one enemy when it concerns calories in sushi. After all, the main component of sushi is rice!White rice is a problematic ingredient due to the fact that it’s low in fiber and is a source of sleek carbs. So it’s simply a source of refined carbs and no real health and wellness benefits. As soon as you consume too plenty of refined carbs, her blood street rises and also the human body experiences inflammation. Sushi rice is additionally low in fiber and an unified with vinegar and sugar, it causes the body to rest it down quickly. This leads to insulin spikes and also is dangerous for diabetics. Also, white rice is processed food, which way the nutrients space stripped.If you pick brown rice sushi, the a much much better option since it contains an ext fiber and also fewer calories. Tempura & saucesUnfortunately, tempura batter is complete of calories. If you’re eating fried shrimp rolls, the fatty batter cancels out any of the shrimp’s wellness benefits. Fillings and also toppings are also large sources that calories. Numerous fillings are low in protein content however high in fat. So as soon as you choose sushi with high-fat sauces, you’re adding calories. Takeaway: A lot of famous sushi roll contain lots of rice, tiny amounts that seafood and also veggies, and instead, are loaded v fatty sauces. So girlfriend consume many calories, and little fiber and also protein, so you don’t feel full and also overeat. 

Will episode fit right into my diet?

What sushi deserve to I eat ~ above the keto diet?

No, friend can’t have actually sushi rolfes on the keto diet, yet you can have sashimi instead. The keto diet involves eating a low-carb and also high-fat diet. Instead of consuming carbs, you’re replacing them v fats.The trouble with sushi is the it consists of rice and if you’re on the keto diet, then you can’t have rice since it’s a whole grain. So the just keto-friendly food you deserve to have native the sushi menu is sashimi. It’s basically a item of life fish and there’s no rice, so you deserve to enjoy it without any guilt.If girlfriend still want to enjoy sushi rolls though, you can make cauliflower rice episode at home. You can use seaweed due to the fact that it’s keto-friendly.Then, you can substitute the rice v cauliflower rice, and add salmon, avocado, and cucumber.

Can friend eat sushi on the paleo diet?

No, but you deserve to eat sashimi without soy sauce.The paleo diet concentrates on eating foodstuffs that ours ancestors provided to hunt and also gather. Therefore it’s all around eating meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds. Rice, other grains, and also dairy space not paleo-friendly, so episode is turn off the table.When you eat episode while on the paleo diet, you must be careful about avoiding soybean beans sauce, as it’s not paleo-friendly. Instead, ask for coconut aminos or bring your very own (it’s the most safe bet).As well, you have to avoid rice at every costs, therefore you’re restricted to sashimi. If you want to make paleo-friendly sushi at home, you must make the rolls without utilizing rice.So, you have the right to still use nori sheets and fill them through salmon, avocado, pepper, cucumber, and also scallions. Instead of soy sauce, coconut aminos give a comparable flavor to your episode rolls.

Can friend eat sushi on the Candida diet?

Yes, if you replace rice through quinoa. The Candida diet is especially an essential for world who suffer from Candida overgrowth in the body.With the candida diet, you can not eat gluten, sugar, alcohol, and the bulk of dairy product products. Fish is allowed, but rice, sugar, and also sauces aren’t good for this diet.Since episode rolls save on computer sugar and also rice, they aren’t recommended if you on the Candida diet. Luckily, this doesn’t median you have to deprive you yourself of this tasty dish.Instead, you must make sushi with quinoa. The only challenge is do quinoa stick favor sticky rice. Because that this, you require to include psyllium husk powder that holds the quinoa grains together.Instead of sugar, usage a little bit of stevia in your sushi “rice” mix. A nori exterior and avocado, cucumber, and carrots are good Candida-friendly filings!

Can girlfriend eat episode on a low-carb diet?

The low-carb diet is all around removing carbs and also sugary foodstuffs from your diet. Instead, friend eat whole and also unprocessed foods.So since sushi isn’t short carb because of the rice, you can not eat sushi. However you can use cream cheese as a filling. And also iff you choose raw fish, then you have the right to enjoy sashimi in ~ your regional sushi restaurant.The an excellent news is that you can additionally make a “sushi” dupe at home with several of the delicious ingredients that comprise authentic sushi rolls.Instead that rice, make nori rolls filled v cream cheese, salmon, salmon, and also cucumber. You’ll feel together if you’re eat a Philadelphia sushi roll, yet it’s low-carb, diet-friendly, and also yummy too!

Can friend eat sushi on the Mediterranean Diet?

Yes, you can have brown rice episode rolls! The Mediterranean diet is all around eating healthy, well balanced meals with several fish, seafood, and also vegetables.So you’d think episode is a good option, right?Well, first of all, the Mediterranean diet no encourage the intake of white rice. So choose sushi v brown rice.You’ll also want to prevent sushi rolls that space loaded through calories. So low-calorie choices like avocado and salmon roll are great options. Ask your episode chef to do them through brown rice so that they’re Mediterranean diet-friendly.Quinoa sushi rolls room another great choice!Your rolls can contain seafood however avoid those calorie-laden sauces.

Is sushi negative for a diet?

Many people associate sushi with weight-loss food. The fact is that episode is healthy and balanced if you pick the appropriate rolls. Don’t eat noþeles that has fried tempura, mayonnaise, or high-calorie sauces.Choose the episode rolls with a small amount that fish and vegetables and shot to find brown rice varieties once you can.The great news is that numerous sushi rolfes don’t have actually extra included fats, so they’re diet-friendly. However, if you want to shed weight, it’s all about part control.Never eat more than 6-8 pieces per meal. Episode topped through a little of seafood favor a fish fillet only contains around 40-65 calories every piece, therefore it’s a section of an excellent low-calorie food. For this reason if girlfriend eat a totality roll, you have the right to feel full and also avoid pack in too numerous calories!Of course, you must skip crispy tempura rolls, dragon rolls, and also most “Western” style sushi roll with lots of sauces and also toppings.Avoid soybean beans sauce too, because it’s full of sodium and also sugar.The bottom line? sushi is a great food to have actually if she on a diet, as lengthy as friend eat the arrays with fresh fish and also vegetables.

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What is a sushi-only diet?

Have you heard the the sushi-only diet? If you’re a big sushi fan, it might be something you will do like, back you should be cautious with eating too much sushi.With the sushi diet, you’re eat it 5 days a week. It’s finest to incorporate the episode with many vegetable side dishes choose edamame.When you on a sushi-only diet, the advantage is that you eat many raw fish and other seafood products. These space high in omegas, particularly omega 3 fish oils.These can reduce cholesterol, assist the cardiovascular system duty optimally, and reduce blood pressure.The peril though is the if friend eat too much raw fish, you can get tapeworm and parasitic infestations in your digestive system. As well, many types of fish are toxic because they save on computer traces that mercury. Therefore it’s best to have a well balanced diet.Also, keep in mind the pregnant and also breastfeeding women are not allowed to monitor a episode diet due to the fact that raw fish is not healthy or safe during pregnancy.

How to eat sushi when shedding weight

Sushi is a pretty good option for dieters. Yet as I store mentioning, that does contain some ingredients that can be a little bit fattening.Sushi mainly is composed of 3 ingredients:Nori seaweedSeasoned white sticky riceFillings