Moscow mule is a famous cocktail largely made that vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice. Part drinkers love come garnish it through a lime wedge and mint pipeline for included flavor and zest. Packed with up come 180 calories, wellness enthusiasts have the right to still reap this delicious and also refreshing drink guilt-free, many thanks to the Keto Moscow mule.

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The an essential in make Keto Moscow mule is come cut back on carbohydrates. You may use diet or sugar-free ginger beer, or you can skip the beer altogether and also substitute it v ginger ale. You may additionally use grated new ginger to include flavor to your Moscow mule.

Keto Moscow Mule Recipe

With the best ingredients, the is pretty basic to prepare and also mix you yourself a Keto Moscow mule. This quick and basic recipe will certainly yield one offer of cold, bubbly, and keto-friendly Moscow mule.


1 fl. Oz. Vodka⅛ tsp. Life ginger root1 tsp. New lime juice12 fl. Oz. Lime flavored sparkling water or seltzer1-gram mint leaves4-5 pcs. Ice cream cubes


An extra squeeze out of limeMint leaves


Muddler or wood spoonCopper Mug or highball glass (16 oz.)

Step-By-Step Guide

Put the new mint leaves, grated ginger, and also lime juice right into the bottom the the copper mug and muddle them utilizing a muddler or a wood spoon.Add the ice cubes.Pour the vodka over the ice cubes.Slowly pour the lime-flavored sparkling water right into the mug to mix every the ingredients.Garnish v fresh mint leaves and also an extra to express of lime.

Overview of the things You need for Keto Moscow Mule

Vodka - The major ingredient the the traditional Moscow mule is vodka. One of the plenty of spirits that execute not have carbohydrates, this clear and distilled liquor is perfect for making keto-friendly alcohol addict beverages. Be sure to choose a high-quality brand because that a cleaner-tasting Moscow mule.Raw Ginger - By eliminating beer from the equation and also using raw ginger, you deserve to reduce the bulk of carbohydrate that will certainly go in her drink while preserving the gingery flavor the the Moscow mule requires.You deserve to use various other substitutes such together diet ginger beer and ginger ale to avoid consuming additional sugar and Moscow mule calories. Keep in mind that ginger beer offers a spicier flavor and also less carbonation than ginger ale.Fresh lime juice - Another classic ingredient indigenous the original Moscow mule recipe the you can safely use for her keto version is new lime juice. V low calories, sugar, and carbs, lime is a keto-friendly fruit. According to nutrition experts, eating this fruit will certainly not impact the fat-burning ketosis phase.Sparkling water / seltzer - Since we dismiss making use of ginger beer to follow the strictly low-carb keto diet, we require something to make this concoction bubbly and fizzy, thus the lime-flavored sparkling water. To change the Keto Moscow mule’s concentration, you may add or minimize the seltzer amount that you will mix with the vodka.Garnish - Traditionally, bartenders and mixologists garnish their Moscow mule with a wedge of lime or a sprig of mint. Not only are they satisfied in the eyes, but they also add flavors and zing to the drink. You deserve to be creative with her garnishes. Because that example, use a jalapeno if you an intricate an extra spicy nightcap.Ice - You have the right to use crushed or cubed ice cream for this Keto Moscow mule recipe. That is best to offer Moscow mule chilled.Muddler - You will require a muddler to mash the mint leaves, ginger, and also lime juice in the bottom that the glass. This process (called muddling) will aid release the flavor of these ingredients. Girlfriend may conversely use a wooden spoon.Copper Mug - To reap the complete experience the Moscow mule, drinkers love come sip your favorite drink indigenous the traditional copper mug.Although that not particularly necessary, the copper mug is perfect because that insulating the beverage, maintaining its cold temperature for you to savor. You may also use a highball or any kind of 16-ounce glass.

Tips on turning Your Moscow Mule right into a Keto-Friendly Drink

The Ketogenic diet (or most popularly recognized as Keto) is a kind of dietary regimen that requires high fat, middle protein, and low carbohydrates. Typically, civilization on this diet aim for a daily carbohydrate input of 20 grams or less. Below are part tricks to lessen the carbohydrate contents of her Moscow mule.

1. Reduced the lot of alcohol

Your alcohol tolerance has tendency to plummet when you’re under the keto diet. For this reason to save enjoying your Keto Moscow mule without acquiring tipsy, you may want come cut earlier on part alcohol. Due to the fact that vodka packs the mass of alcohol in this drink, you have the right to reduce the amount because that each serving.

2. Do it alcohol-free 

Another means to tweak the traditional Moscow mule to fit your keto diet is to find a non-alcoholic spirit to put in your Keto Moscow mule in place of vodka. Nowadays, over there is a large array that booze-free options that friend can select from.

3. Pass up the ginger beer and also go natural

The constant Moscow mule uses ginger beer that has lots of carbohydrates as with other beers (at least 10 grams of carbohydrate per bottle). To do your very own keto version, us recommend making use of fresh ginger to attain a much more natural flavor while maintaining out that extra sugar and Moscow mule calories.


Traditional Moscow mule is not keto-friendly together it consists of high-carb ginger beer. Yet with the suitable amount of the ideal ingredients, you have the right to easily create your really own Keto Moscow mule recipe the will allow you to embrace the drink lover in you while regulation your everyday calorie intake.

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Did you find this keto-friendly recipe helpful? allow us understand in the comment ar below. Also, nothing forget come share this write-up with your other Moscow mule-drinking buddies.