In the same means we are split by tea vs coffee and cats vs dogs, we tend to have actually a preference in between the nation’s two favourite alcoholic drinks - beer vs wine. As soon as you think of your friends and also family, chances are you understand if they space a beer person or a wine person. Yet have you ever taken into consideration which that the two much loved drink contains much more calories?Beer and wine have distinctive differences, not just in flavour but additionally in nutritional values and also ingredients. In this blog, we will take an informative look at the differences in calories in between wine and beer.

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Beer vs alcohol - In Calories

Calories In WineCalories In Beer
175ml glass that 12% ABV (average)1 Pint that 5% ABV (average)


133 calories
240 calories

 *Averages according to NHS

Calories in Wine

According to the NHS, a standard 175ml glass that 12% ABV alcohol contains around 133 calories, i m sorry is equivalent to eating 3 jaffa cake biscuits. The form and colour of wine you select can have actually a huge effect ~ above the calorie content though - climbed wine has actually on average roughly 70 - 80 calories per 100ml, white wine has actually 73 - 83 calories per 100ml whilst red wine often tends to contain in between 75 - 85 calories every 100ml.

This can be defined by the truth that red wine tends to have actually a higher alcohol content, and wines through a higher alcohol content will typically contain much more calories than wines through a reduced alcohol content. You deserve to read much more about the calories in wine in ours blog here or why no discover lessened calorie wine alternatives obtainable on DrinkWell.




Calories in Beer

On average, a pint of 5% ABV beer contains about 240 calories (current NHS estimate). Beer is made utilizing grains and yeast, and the calorie content have the right to vary widely depending upon the type of beer friend drink - lighter colour beers often tend to contain less calories 보다 their darker counterparts. This is because lighter beers have a lower alcohol content and also lower ingredient density. Because that example, most light beers often tend to have between 60 and 120 calories, whilst dark beers have between 100 and 300 calories, because of the fact they are much more carbohydrate heavy. The NHS estimates that drink 5 pints that lager every week adds as much as 44,200kcal over a year, indistinguishable to eating 221 doughnuts! However, the nutritional value of beer exceeds that of wine, through beer regularly containing protein, fiber, B vitamins, folate, and also niacin.


Unfortunately for beer drinkers, beer does tend to come the end on top when it pertains to calorie contents - providing some truth to the expression ‘beer belly’! top top average, a pint of beer has actually 50% an ext energy content 보다 a small glass of wine, i beg your pardon will reason you to heap on the pounds if not appreciated in moderation.It is essential to remember though the this is not constantly the case, and calories in both wine and beer have the right to vary widely. However, research study by the college of Texas Southwestern clinical Centre uncovered that alcohol enters your bloodstream more quickly 보다 beer - successfully making you more drunk an ext quickly (interesting fact).

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Some lower calorie options at DrinkWell

Whether you are team beer or team wine (or both) we have actually plenty of lower calories options easily accessible to purchase from DrinkWell. Plenty of of our range are additionally vegan familiar and suitable for a gluten free diet. Below are some of our existing favourites:

SkinnyBrands Premium Lager

This is a refreshingly malty premium lager, that’s complete flavour, 4% ABV and also only 89 calorie per party whilst also being vegan, gluten totally free and kosher. Finest of all, it contains 35% under calories than various other premium lagers. You have the right to purchase a situation of 24 indigenous the DrinkWell website for £32.95.