A Low carb Cosmopolitan Cocktailis our variation of a truly legendary drink. It is so basic to make and also has together a distinctive flavor and mix of ingredients. That is fun, fruity, and stylish. Since the 1990s it has end up being a price of elegance. Ideal of all, you will have actually a very delicious cocktail with just 2g the carbs!

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Preparation Tips

Preparation could not be less complicated – put every one of the ingredients right into a shaker half filled v ice and shake. Strain right into a chill martini glass and garnish v a slice of lime. An extremely simple, very easy, and really delicious.

After years of just watching re-runs ~ above television, “Sex and the City” die-hard viewers were treated to the movie version. In it, Miranda inquiry Carrie why they stopped drinking Cosmopolitans and also Carrie replied, “because anyone else started.” because that those that you that started and also those that you that wish to start, we market our version of a Low carbohydrate Cosmopolitan Cocktail.

Low carb Cosmopolitan Cocktail – usage Unsweetened Cranberry Juice

It is definitely, Tasty low Carb!The perfect blend of sweet and also tart – the unsweetened cranberry juice is the key! reap one tonight while you space surfing your television for re-runs that the show!

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Unsweetened cranberry juice through your favourite vodka makes a delicious Cosmopolitan! Just add EZ-Sweetz!