Last main we lugged you details of the world’s most fattening beers and this week us cater because that the an ext diet conscious folk who still hanker because that a refreshing beer.

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Light beers have grown in popularity end the last couple of years together brewers have catered for miscellaneous dietary fads including lower carbs, under calories and also less alcohol. For the purposes of this list, and also to stop it simply coming to be a list of low and non-alcoholic beers, we set a 3% abv minimum because that the strength of these brews.

That way that the “Cold Turkey Breakfast Beer” which to be launched previously this year by the black Isle brewery, simply misses out on a spot in this optimal 10, as it is a 2.8% abv beer.

Each of the beers displayed here consists of less than 100 calories, which is about the exact same as 2 apples. If you desire a snack maybe a bit much more suited to enjoying v your beer, 100 calories will gain you much less than 20 grams of salted peanuts, or one packet the Walker’s all set Salted French Fries.

Top 10 many fattening beers

Watch our synopsis of 5 of the the very least fattening beers in the world below:

10. Heineken light – 99 calories

Heineken irradiate was released in parts of the us in 2005 and then rolled out across the whole nation the complying with year. Once the beer was introduced Heineken said: “”The launch of this very first true brand extension was the most crucial innovation in the actual beer due to the fact that the Heineken brand was born in 1873.”

At 3.5% abv Heineken light is lower in alcohol 보다 the brand’s premium lager, i beg your pardon is 5% and also has under calories and carbohydrates. This irradiate beer, is tho a lager style brew and has 99 calories every bottle.

9. Corona irradiate – 99 calories

Again lighter in alcohol and also calories than the original “full strength” beer, Corona light is a 3.9% brew. Described by the brand owners as gift “a irradiate bodied, dry, crisp and refreshing irradiate beer”, Corona light is claimed to job-related well v spicy and hot food.

At 99 calories a bottle, you won’t have to keep too much of one eye top top the food calories if drinking this beer.

8. Yuengling light – 99 calories

DG Yuengling & child was developed in 1829 and also is the earliest operating brewing company in the US. Previously this year Yuengling to be voted as among the peak 10 best perceived beers in the US, and the brewery produces around 2.5 million barrels a year.

Launched in 2001 Yuengling irradiate was presented as a 99 calorie version of the brewery’s “flagship” Amber Lager and also is 3.8% abv.

7. Grolsch irradiate Lager – 97 calories

Keeping up the layout of a lighter version of a popular brand is Grolsch’s light Lager, which was introduced in 2005. At 3.6% this has actually less alcohol than the traditional Grolsch beer, and also this is a various beer to the Grolsch Blond, i m sorry is obtainable in the UK. This united state light lager has just 97 calories and also it would certainly take you roughly 27 minutes to walk turn off that variety of calories.

6. Miller Lite – 96 calories

Miller Lite is well-known as the first mainstream light beer come be introduced in the US. Initially the beer came from Chicago’s Meister Brau in the 1960s, yet Miller then gained Meister Brau’s beers and also in 1973 reformulated and also relaunched the light beer together “Lite Beer indigenous Miller”.

By 1977 müller was developing 24.2 million barrels that this beer, and also this saw the other mainstream brewers answers by creating their very own light beers and by 1992 light beer ended up being the most popular type of beer in the US. Slightly stronger than some of the beers we’ve viewed so far, this 4.2% brew has actually 96 calories every bottle.

5. Kirin light – 95 calories

Japanese brewery Kirin has additionally joined in through the light beer craze, v its very own 3.2% light beer which is made using “the finest two heat barley malt and also European noble hops.” typically a well thought of light beer, Kirin irradiate does score fine on beer testimonial websites. Described as having a “surprisingly smooth and full bodied taste”, Kirin Light has 95 calories every bottle.

4. Michelob Ultra – 95 calories

Initially released in 1978 together Michelob Light, Ultra is a popular light beer the is currently widely easily accessible in the UK, and the US. In ~ 4.2% Ultra is an additional slightly stronger light beer, and also as well together the initial lager-style beer, over there are currently several other “Ultra” beers available.

Michelob Ultra Amber is a darker, an ext flavourful beer and also there is also a range of Ultra fruit beers, consisting of Dragon Fruit Punch, Lime Cactus and also Pomegranate Raspberry. This variations ~ above the initial Ultra space 4% beers and the every beer in the range has 95 calories per bottle.

3. Peroni Leggera – 92 calories

The Peroni brewery was founded in Italy in 1846, has been based in Rome because 1864 and since 2005 has actually been own by brewing giant SABMiller. Leggera (Italian because that “light”) was released in Australia in 2009, where lower calorie and also carbohydrate beers have actually proved an extremely popular.

When the beer was introduced Peroni claimed that Leggera was, “born the the original 1963 Peroni Nastro Azzurro formulation, using the same distinctive Italian ingredients and craftsmanship to create a crisp, refreshing and also light taste.” Leggera is a 3.5% beer and also has 92 calories every bottle.

2. Rojo Rock eco-friendly Light – 83 calories

This low carbohydrate beer was introduced by Rolling absent in 2003 and also is described as gift a “refreshing, well-balanced irradiate lager with a slightly spicy aroma and crisp, clean finish.” in ~ 3.7% it is mid-range in regards to strength compared to various other beers in this list, but its 83 calories do it a much lower calorie beer compared to the others. Together a comparison there are 83 calorie in a cup that blueberries or one coco digestive.

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1. Molson Canadian 67 – 67 calories

At 3% abv, this Canadian beer just qualifies as one for this list. That was released in October 2009 as a light version of the Molson Canadian beer brand and is brewed “with Canadian water, barley and also no preservatives.”

The surname Molson Canadian 67, refers to the variety of calories in a bottle, just 67, much fewer than any other beers in this list. The beer promises to provide “perfect balance that sweetness with a contempt hoppy bitterness”, and with Molson 67 Sublime over there is currently a lime version of this 67 calorie beer.