The favorite selection for the hatchet "Bagels" is 1 continuous Bagelwhich has about 270 calories.Calorie and nutritional information for a variety of types and serving sizes of Bagels is presented below.

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1 mini0.4213.132.6167 1 small1.1234.846.91177 1 medium1.7053.0210.52270 1 large2.1266.1613.13337

Cinnamon Raisin Bagel1.5149.138.72243
Egg Bagel2.2055.6511.13292
Multigrain Bagel1.3455.0811.84272
Oat Bran Bagel1.2655.9611.24268
Onion Bagel1.6853.7010.50272
Poppy seeds Bagel2.5852.4710.69276
Pumpernickel Bagel1.4461.539.76301
Sesame Bagel2.6952.4710.68276
Wheat Bagel1.4761.3310.93300
100% totality Wheat Bagel1.5359.2111.53277
regular with Raisins Bagel1.7857.9610.29287
constant with Fruit Bagel1.8857.329.79289

plain Bagel1.7056.5411.03285
Cinnamon Raisin Bagel1.4949.228.80244
Multigrain Bagel1.3454.6711.75270
Oat Bran Bagel1.2555.5411.15265
Pumpernickel Bagel1.4562.159.87304
Wheat Bagel1.4961.9511.05303
100% entirety Wheat Bagel1.5459.8211.64280
constant with Raisins Bagel1.7858.7110.49291
consistent with Fruit Bagel1.8656.899.71286

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