Love it or dislike it, sweating during exercise is inescapable — however is it a sure authorize that you’re burning fat?

You may have heard that sweating during a workout will maximize fat burn, but prior to you zip yourself into a sauna suit and also crank up the heat in your house gym, read on to discover what sweat can and also can’t carry out for you load loss goals.

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Technically, no. You’ll probably break a sweat during an intense fat-burning workout — but the sweat isn’t the factor you burn fat. So also if you’re sitting in a swimming pool of your own sweat, the doesn’t instantly mean you’ve just melted a ton the fat.

“Fat burn is a metabolic process,” says Jennifer Novak, M.S., CSCS, power recovery coach, and founder of top Symmetry performance Strategies.

When you exercise, your body breaks under carbohydrates and also fats in stimulate to create adenosine triphosphate (ATP) — your body’s energy currency.

Sweating, top top the other hand, is a cooling process. Once your main point body temperature rises — either from practice or from warmth — your brain signals the it’s time come sweat.

As the moisture on your skin evaporates into the air, it takes some heat with it, which help to reduced your human body temp ago to normal.



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