Love them or hate them, the humble burpee is the “King of Calisthenics” in mine book.

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In boxing terms, ns would price the burpee as the pound-for-pound champion as soon as it involves working out.

Regardless the your present fitness levels, the burpee has actually the knack the cutting us all down to size.

So, let’s watch a little closer at burpees and also calories burned.

How countless Calories go 100 Burpees Burn?Burpees and also Calories shed Aren’t the SimpleSome the My favorite 100 Burpee WorkoutsMore Burpee Workouts

How countless Calories walk 100 Burpees Burn?

Dr Jeff Godin, PhD, CSCS carried out research into the variety of calories melted by body weight for burpees in 2014. A 120lb human being would burn 95 calorie doing 100 burpees, a 150lb human being would burn 119 calories, a 180lb human being would burn 143 calories, conversely, a 210lb human being would burn 167 calories.

Burpees and Calories melted Aren’t that Simple


The variety of calories a person will burn if doing 100 burpees will vary for numerous reasons.

We have to take into consideration a person’s:

WeightIntensity in ~ which they carry out burpeesMetabolismLevel of physics conditioning

So, stop look at this a little closer.


The more a person weighs, the an ext energy they expend as soon as they move.

So, if two human being weighing 120lbs and 200lbs respectively, carry out 100 burpees, then the heavier human being would burn more calories.

Dr. Jeff Godin, department Chair and also Associate Professor in the room of Exercise and also Sports science at Fitchburg State College, Massachusetts performed some research earlier in 2014.

He want to ascertain how numerous calories were shed by body load for burpees.

Here’s a an introduction of his results:

Body weight (in lbs)Calories per Burpee

Based on this calculations a human being weighing 130lbs can expect come burn 103 calorie while doing 100 burpees.

Whereas, someone weighing 200lbs would burn 159 calorie doing 100 burpees.

So, as you deserve to see, there is fairly a difference in the variety of calories shed doing 100 burpees based upon weight.


The figures provided by Dr. Godin are based on averages, however I’m ready to bet they take it a variety of factors into consideration.

The main factor being that all 100 burpees were performed in as rapid a time together possible.

The intensity at which you carry out your 100 burpees will have a substantial bearing top top the variety of calories burned.

I have the right to guarantee that performing one burpee every 15 minutes throughout the day will certainly burn a lot less calories 보다 completing them every in one go.

Additionally, you’ll have to take the afterburn impact into consideration too.

Completing bouts that high-intense practice in a quick time, such together burpees, will raise the metabolic rate considerably.

This typically way that the body continues burning added calories throughout the work (and regularly into the next day too), even when you’ve quit exercising.

In layman’s terms, do your 100 burpees as conveniently as feasible and you will do it burn much more calories in full (while doing them and while at rest).


I’ve pointed out the function that her metabolism theatre in burning calories.

However, were you conscious that us ALL burn a particular amount of calories every solitary day, even while at rest?

How many calories we burn, when again is dependency on countless factors.

One of these is her metabolic rate.

Some civilization simply have a higher metabolic rate than others based upon the form of exercise they routinely perform, and also the foods they eat.

Your age, weight, the project you do, and how active you room in everyday life additionally plays a part.

You can inspect out my article, “How countless Calories go The Average human being Burn in a Day?” to calculate precisely how many calories you are burning.

Level of physics Conditioning

I’ve alluded come this above, yet in general, the an ext lean muscle you have actually the more calories you will burn.

This is why you’re always told to perform some type of resistance training.

If you deserve to add much more lean muscle to her frame, you’ll definitely burn much more calories throughout the day.

This is also why civilization who go jogging regularly, yet perform no other form of exercise, often don’t look at in good shape.

Steady-state, moderate-intensity cardio, such together jogging, does small to increase your metabolic rate.

In fact, weight loss from jogging is generally down come muscle loss, as opposed come fat loss.

Less muscle means a slower metabolic rate, hence making that harder to burn calories.

This is why many joggers will need to keep to run for longer and longer simply to keep their existing body weight.

It also explains why plenty of joggers one of two people look extremely skinny or still lug rolls of body fat.

Basically, short, intense workouts that incorporate some form of resistance training will always produce a far leaner, much better looking body.

Burpees offer you the finest of both worlds, resistance and also cardio.

So, save doing burpees and also watch those calorie get burned if you want to watch good.

100 Burpees in 3 minute 33 Seconds

Some that My favourite 100 Burpee Workouts

I will say the if you just beginning out v exercise the 100 burpees may currently be past your current means (that’s no an issue) and also that you’ll want to stick to the straightforward burpee – squat down, hand on the floor, absent the feet out behind you, lug feet earlier in, was standing up.

Even performing just 3-4 to adjust of 10 an easy burpees will leave you winded together a newbie, but exercise is all about progression. Start little and build your means up, as long as you’re act something.

Eventually once you discover yourself act 100 burpees you can shot different varieties or including additional exercises right into the mix.

I will certainly say that I often tend to go through stages with burpees, as in I’ll walk months and months without doing any and then I’ll spend a variety of weeks or even months concentrating my entire workout approximately them.

I guess like plenty of of you, I have a love-hate partnership with the burpee (in reality, ns love them).

It’s among those exercises that you cringe at the believed of it, however you know it’s walking to execute you some good.

I typically set myself goals and targets as soon as I am in “burpee mode”. At the time of creating this write-up we were every in some kind of “lockdown” as result of the coronavirus pandemic.

On the day the UK entered lockdown (24th in march 2020) I set myself a score of completing AT the very least 100 burpees a day because that the 30 days.

Most days I would throw in my 100 burpees approximately my workout. I have actually kettlebells and sandbags in ~ home and would additionally get out for a operation or some sprints every couple of days.

I even had job (3 to be precise) wherein I walk nothing but perform burpees because that a workout and managed to get up to 500 on each occasion.

I mentioned the Spartan gyeongju earlier and even mine most straightforward burpee is performed Spartan style. So, this would certainly involve a press up and also a jump.

Just in situation you weren’t aware, the Spartan Race is one of the toughest obstacle races there is (well in my opinion) and if for any reason you to be unable come complete, or failed, an problem you were forced to carry out 30 Spartan burpees as a method of forfeit.

This has actually just stuck to me ever before since, so there’s always a push up and a jump because that me.

As I’ve mentioned, because that me the question, “How many Calories carry out Burpees Burn?” has never been an issue.

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Trust me, girlfriend perform any type of one of this workouts regularly and your metabolism will certainly go with the roof and your body will automatically become a calorie and fat burn machine.