The favorite an option for the term "Chicken Thighs" is 1 tool Chicken Thigh (Skin Eaten)which has about 150 calories.Calorie and also nutritional details for a variety of varieties and serving size of Chicken Thighs is displayed below.

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Chicken Thighs through Skin

1 small thigh8.45-13.67135 1 tool thigh9.52-15.41152 1 big thigh12.90-20.87206 4 oz boneless17.42-28.18278 4 oz v bone13.52-21.87216 1 cup20.74-33.55331

Chicken Thighs there is no Skin

1 little thigh4.96-11.8395 1 tool thigh5.61-13.37108 1 big thigh7.55-18.00145 4 oz boneless10.79-25.72207 4 oz v bone8.20-19.55157 1 cup14.57-34.72279

Chicken Thighs through Skin (1 thigh, bone removed)

Roasted Chicken Thigh9.60-15.54153
Broiled or baked Chicken Thigh9.52-15.41152
Fried Chicken Thigh9.291.9716.58162
Stewed Chicken Thigh10.02-15.82158

Chicken Thighs without Skin (1 thigh, bone removed)

Roasted Chicken Thigh5.66-13.49109
Broiled or small Chicken Thigh5.61-13.37108
Fried Chicken Thigh5.360.6114.65113
Stewed Chicken Thigh5.38-13.75107
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