The variety of calories you burn running or walking depends on many factors. Right here are some general rules of thumb.

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Last update on February 19th, 2020

How countless calories carry out you burn running? Here’s the brief answer: friend burn about 100 calories because that every mile girlfriend run. (Run 12 miles, burn 1,200 calories.)

Your gender, age, height, weight, speed and other determinants all affect how countless calories you torch once you exercise.

For example, someone that weighs 180 pounds and also runs a 10 minute mile will burn around 140 calories. While who weighing 150 pounds at the very same pace will certainly burn about 117 calories.

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Calories shed Running Calculator

Use this calculator to estimate the variety of calories you’ve melted or can burn on your following training operation or race.

Advanced calorie Calculator

For much more precise data, this calculator allows you to enter components like friend age, weight, whether you’re to run on a treadmill, relaxing heart rate and the surface grade.


These are some ballpark numbers of what you can use running or walking different distances.

Run a 5K: 300-400 calories burnedWalk a 5K: 140-200 calorie burnedRun a 10K: 600-700 calories burnedWalk a 10K: 250-350 calorie burnedRun a fifty percent marathon: 1,400-1,600 calories burnedWalk a fifty percent marathon: 650-900 calorie burnedRun a marathon: 2,800-3,200 calories burnedWalk a marathon: 1,600-2,800 calories burned

Running compared to Other forms of Exercise

You may be wondering just how running stacks up to other develops of practice in regards to calories burned. The chart listed below from The American board of directors on Exercise, shows that contrasted to every other kind of exercise, a an excellent run is going come burn more calories every minute than just about anything else.

Calories shed From ExerciseThis graph shows approximated calories shed per minute for an individual at assorted weights.Activity Calories/min.120 lb.140 lb.160 lb.180 lb
Cycling (10 MPH)
Dancing (aerobic)
Dancing (social)
Golf (pull//carry clubs)
Golf (power cart)
Skating (ice and other)
Skilling (cross country)7.58.81011.3
Skiing (water and downhill)
Swimming (moderate pace)7.8910.311.6
Weight Training6.

Whatever girlfriend do–walk, run, swim–do it v passion, and always remember the golden rule: your mileage may vary!

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